8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom’s Turban

Sehra is a traditional headdress worn by grooms in parts of South Asia. We take a look at an array of beautiful sehra designs.

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - f

“Sehras are beautiful and add a sense of mystery and wonder to the groom”

Sehra designs are available in a wide range of styles. It is a conventional element of a South Asian groom’s attire on his wedding day.

The beauty of weddings lies in small rituals, ceremonies and the memories we create while partaking in them.

An Indian groom’s sehrabandi is one such ceremony popular in North Indian weddings as well as in parts of Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

During the sehrabandi, the groom is prepared, decorated and blessed by his family before he leaves for his own wedding.

The groom’s sisters, cousins, and sisters-in-law get together and put kohl in his eyes and tie the sehra over his turban amongst other rituals.

Sehra means headdress and bandi means to tie, which in this instance, denotes to the tying of the headdress.

What is a Sehra?

A sehra is a headdress/accessory worn by dulhas over their turbans.

Traditionally, this beautiful adornment was created with strings of flowers hanging from a band of cotton or silk.

With the progression of time, there are vast amounts of designs to choose from; beads, pearls, gotta and many more.

You can also get them customised in accordance with your turban and attire with precious jewels.

In fact, sehras are not mere accessories, they have purposes behind their design.

Firstly, they were intended to ward off the evil eye.

Secondly, the bride and groom were not supposed to see each other before their wedding ceremony.

Therefore, a sehra solved the purpose of hiding the groom’s face, whereas the bride covered her face with a ghunghat or pallu.

However this has changed. Grooms wear sehras only on their baraats and later remove them as they feel it is old fashioned and ruins their look.

Yet, sehras are beautiful and add a sense of mystery and wonder to the groom.

If chosen carefully, they can not only enhance the groom’s look but steal the bride’s thunder.

We have compiled a list of eight grooms wearing eight different sehras for you to take inspiration from.

Touch of Pink

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Blooming Sehra

This gorgeous floral sehra design is a show-stealer. It is made up of fresh rajnigandha flowers and delicate baby pink roses.

This headdress is ideal for grooms who want that simplicity with a little glamour.

The sehra enlivens the otherwise understated outfit of the groom.

The strings are not closely huddled together and have enough gaps between them. This makes the groom’s features visible, yet partly hidden at the same time.

However, if you decide to pick a similar headdress made of fresh flowers, make sure the flowers are indeed fresh. Withered flowers can wreck the look.

Pearl String Sehra

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Pearl Sehra

Weddings are fun and somewhat messy. It can be truly difficult to maintain the freshness of flowers in a floral sehra design amidst all the dancing.

This headdress made of pearl strings is not only easier to manage, but is also breathtakingly beautiful.

The dulha has matched it perfectly with his red beaded necklace and multicoloured gems in the headband.

Also, it works well with the red and gold colours of his sherwani.

This combination of the pearls cascading over his face and sherwani look royal, dreamy and stunning.

Beaded Sehra Design

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Beaded Sehra

The popular colour combination of gold, cream and red works extremely well for a groom’s attire.

Set against a bright red turban, the warm colour hues of the sehra design are brought to the forefront.

It has strings of golden and cream beads falling from a delicately embellished headband.

The zardosi detailing on the headband is enriched by the traditional ‘kiran’ border sewn around it.

This beaded beauty of a sehra complements this colour scheme and is perfect for a traditional groom.

Hint of Red

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Floral Sehra

We spotted this exquisite sehra design made up of strings of white flowers with luscious red roses hanging at the bottom.

It is very important to take into consideration the right size, length and weight of the sehra. This one seems to be perfect in all three aspects.

It is heavy enough to look bountiful, yet not heavy enough to cause inconvenience.

The sehra is as radiant as the joyful groom’s smile.

This headdress conveys a delicate yet lavish look perfect for spring/summer time weddings.

Silver Mukut

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Silver Mukut Sehra

This is a sehra as well as a mukut (crown) made up of solid silver panels with hangings and strings.

This is a traditional sehra/mukut worn by grooms in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The silver panels have images of gods and deities like Lord Ganesha, Ma Lakshmi and Ma Kali carved into them surrounded with floral borders.

These mukuts were owned by wealthy families while others rented these mukuts from them to wear on their weddings.

This traditional and mesmerising headdress can add a new dimension to a groom’s outfit.

Perfect for a groom looking to accentuate his regal sense of fashion.

Statement Headdress

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Unique Sehra

Most sehras are elaborately designed and decorated. However, this unique sehra is a refreshing exception.

The antique golden headband has floral detailing carved into it and is fastened to the turban with a delicate string.

The veil is made of antique golden design in hangings that are similar to the headband.

The antique gold sehra design complements the pristine white turban underneath it.

This monochrome sehra design is ideal for a groom who prefers minimal and subtle colours.

Gotta and Kiran Sehra

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Gotta & Kiran Sehra

Here is presenting yet another gorgeous sehra design made of kiran, gotta and pearl strings.

It provides a fuller effect of covering the groom’s face and will ensure to ward off the evil eye.

The beauty of this one lies as much in the zari and mirror work embellished headband, as in the pearl and gotta strings.

Floral sehras are incredibly attractive as well as fragrant, but they can also give sneezing fits to a groom who has pollen sensitivity.

In that case, these gotta and kiran sehras can make an equally alluring replacement.

Red and Cream Headdress

8 Sehra Designs Perfect for a Groom's Turban - Red & Cream Sehra

This is yet another example of a beaded sehra design. It is decorated with an ornate red headband with golden floral patterns sewn into it.

The multicoloured gems within the floral patterns enhance the delicate detailing.

Along with the kiran border which is a quintessential, traditional border.

It is accompanied by strands of contrasting red and cream beads.

The red and cream sehra falls perfectly in sync with the groom’s turban fashioned in the same colours.

A groom wearing this headdress will assuredly feel complete on his wedding day.

Our Advice

Previously, sehras were considered to be a sign of affluence and used to be worn only by the royalty and the wealthy.

With the passage of time, sehras became an essential element in a groom’s attire in every wedding regardless of status.

Do not shy away from wearing a sehra rather embrace them. If chosen well they can become a bewitching fashion accessory for a dulha.

Be sure to experiment with as many sehra designs as possible to assure you can find your perfect match.

Whether you opt for a striking and regal headdress or a simple and elegant design remember to showcase your unique sense of aesthetic self.

Our list of eight suggested sehra designs will help and inspire you to achieve your best look.

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