Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical

Man bags are on the rise. The need for practical and stylish carry-ons for men’s daily life is crucial. We look at an array of possibilities.

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical f

"Men carry them; we design them"

Man bags have become a necessary accessory for every man’s wardrobe. Typically, bags were viewed as solely women’s items.

In a 1999 episode of Friends, Joey was ridiculed for carrying a bag that resembled a handbag. Eventually, he was convinced that the world was not ready for his bag.

To some extent, this is still prevalent. However, the influence of designers and celebrities such as Louis Vuitton and David Beckham respectively has brought about this change.

As a result, the notion of a man carrying a bag is more imaginable.

Men have numerous items that they must carry daily for work, education or a casual outing. Hence, the requirement for man bags is essential to make this easier.   

Alongside women’s handbags, the demand for man bags is also growing.

This is evident as the BBC Business News states:

“The UK market for handbags and man bags combined grew by 5.5% and is now worth £1.45 billion.”

Therefore, DESIblitz presents seven resourceful man bags for every man to suit their style and fit for any occasion.


Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - backpacks

A backpack should be robust, comfortable and compact. This every day essential is ideal for students and commuters.

With an extensive range to choose from, this man bag is one of the most resourceful designs.

For studious students, backpacks are the ultimate companion. They have enough space to carry hefty items such as laptops and textbooks.

Also, the various compartments enable students to keep their bags organised.

The two-strap design distributes the weight evenly across your back. This is not only practical but durable.

When searching for your ideal backpack, be sure to opt for one with air mesh straps. These comfortable padded straps enhance the ease of carrying the load.

Moreover, this man bag is available for the casual-business man. With all the practical elements of a backpack combined with the sleek leather, the style creates a perfect ensemble for a tailored look.

Cross-Body Bag

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - cross body bag

This type of man bag is usually associated with the pretentious streetwear idea. Although, this understanding is false.

In this instance, fashion meets practicality with these cross-body bags. They are available in a wide range of styles and colours to accommodate your unique flare.

From seeping through luxury designer brands such as Hugo Boss to high street such as Nike.

This man bag style is suitable for casual outfits when on-the-go. They are useful for carrying everyday necessities: wallet, phone and keys.

Therefore, accessibility is crucial in design. With an alterable strap and within reach compartments these bags will keep your items on hand. As well as being the perfect finishing touch to compliment your outfit.

Clutch Bag

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - clutch bag

Are you constantly tired of overloading your pockets? This man bag offers the perfect solution. Despite the comparisons to a woman’s purse, this is not a purse, it is a man bag.

Hence, numerous designers such as Chanel and Givenchy have boarded this trend.

For example, this Givenchy men’s clutch bag is inspired by the contemporary street scene. Decorated with the label’s large logo, in classic black and white colours.

This simple yet elegant style will surely catch attention. Also, this man bag comprises of a top zip closure with side stitched panels.

Inside the main internal section, the inclusion of a slip pocket is beneficial to store your easy-to-lose keys.

Despite the heavy price tag, this man bag is worth the indulgence for a simple self-treat.

Tote Bag

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - tote bag

If you are thinking tote bags are just for women, then think again.

Head of design at Marks & Spencer, James Doidge says:

“The ultimate easy accessory, versatile both in style and practicality and can be worn with everything from casual to formal looks.”

As a man who is unafraid of experimenting with various looks, this Zara Men’s Tote Bag will surely reinvent your outfit.

This versatile man bag has enough space to act as a gym bag, work bag or even a travel bag.

The decorative strip design can spruce up a plain monochrome outfit.

Complete with adjustable string closure to ensure the safety of your belongings.

A practical feature of this man bag is the additional small size handy bag. It allows you to keep your smaller items together in one place. This will prevent the need to burrow for your belongings.

If you are on the hunt for a multipurpose man bag, then a tote bag is the way to go.


Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - briefcase

Traditionally a briefcase is known to be a sharp-cornered, boxy case with clip-like fastening. Typically associated with the archetypical persona of a British gentleman.

However, this has changed. The modern briefcase is designed with a contemporary aesthetic whilst remaining classic and suave.

The shape and leather material remains the same, however, without the sharp edges. Also, the inclusion of practical interior complete with pockets and zip compartments makes it an everyday essential for working men.

The ability to carry your essentials to work with enough space for a laptop makes this timeless accessory a must-have in your collection.

Bowling Bag

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - bowling bag

If you are a man who loves to travel, then this bag will carry you through your trips.

Bowling bags can usually be stored in the overhead compartment. Therefore, carrying heavy luggage cases is a time of the past.

For example, Mango Man’s Pebbled Bowling Bag is a stylish and practical accessory.

The pebble effect design in the black leather exterior adds a chic texture to the bag.

The two-way strap feature comes with a pair of short, sturdy straps which can be held together with an overlapping button fastening.

Alternatively, the adjustable and detachable long strap allows you to carry it over your shoulder, keeping your hands free.

Additionally, Mango Man’s customisation option allows you to incorporate your personal touch.

You can select your embroidery of choice, the location, colour and size.

Also, if you are struggling with ideas for a gift for any man in your life then this customisable bowling bag is a perfect choice.

Messenger Bag

Top 7 Man Bags which are Stylish and Practical - messenger bag

Once considered a bag for paperboys, this man bag has been redesigned to look fashionable.

Messenger bags are popular amongst students, commuters as well as uptown workers.

If you are on the hunt for a casual man bag then a waterproof canvas messenger bag is a great choice. This will help you achieve a laid-back look.

Otherwise, if you are searching for a formal man bag, then a leather messenger bag is for you.

The sleek exterior sports a flap with buckle fastenings. The single, long adjustable strap is suitable to adjust it to your preference.

While the interior has a large section with divider-like compartments. This handy feature is best for keeping your items separate to avoid clutter.

It is important to note; the best messenger bags are designed with a sturdy bottom to provide structure.

Overall, if a stylish yet sophisticated look is what you are after, then a messenger bag would be a perfect choice.

Our Advice

The growing demand for man bags is inevitable. With women spoilt for handbag choice, it is only right that men are given this luxury.

Alessandro Sartori, an Italian fashion designer, acknowledges the importance of man bags:

“Bags are now an essential part of every menswear collection. Men carry them; we design them. They are everywhere.”

Hence, do not shy away from the acceptance of man bags. If you have not invested in a man bag then you might want to consider this completely functional accessory.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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