Yen Designs International Oozes Bridal Couture

Yen Designs International is a sought after fashion house designing bridal wear for Arab elites. Based in Dubai, Yen combines the elegance and beauty of white simplicity with the unique and individual sensibilities of the bride. DESIblitz caught up with Yen to uncover more of his fashion delights.

"I have always been a big fan of traditional Indian fashion."

Many British Asian Brides will travel across the country and even abroad in search of the perfect wedding gown. Always wanting their special day to be absolutely perfect, they will go to any length to seek out a jaw dropping gown that no one has seen or worn before.

DESIblitz was in Dubai a few weeks ago, and came across a ‘Diamond in the Sky’ shining bright in fashion, high couture and bridal wear, known as Yen.

Yen Designs International oozes sheer elegance, sophistication and beauty. Its unique styling has the rare ability to stop any young bride-to-be in her tracks.

Yen, of Yen Designs International, has always been drawn to illustrations and beautiful things from a very young age. Taking inspiration from everything around him, Yen would sketch designs and his passion in designing couture naturally grew.

Yen Bride 2It was only when he began to tire of his chosen profession, Nuclear Medicine that Yen found himself at a crossroads. In 2008, he finally admitted that his passion and talent in fashion design superseded his career and decided to take the fashion plunge.

Before jumping into the fabulous world of fashion however, the entrepreneur in Yen wanted to tread carefully into the industry and be prepared. He first considered his goals, what his brand aspirations and commercial targets were, as well as the right people that would help him realise his dreams.

Luckily for him, Yen’s dreams have most certainly all come true. Yen has made his mark in high couture designing for the elite. At present, he travels from palace to palace in the UAE designing exclusively for the royal and ruling families.

Each dress is a unique, one-off piece. The fabrics he uses are created by the likes of Dior and Christian Lacroix exclusively for the UAE elite, and Yen creates masterpieces of art via couture.

The House of Yen is just 3 years old serves mostly women, not just from the royal and ruling families in UAE, but also some selected clientele from Europe, Russia, India and Australia.

Yen Bride 3Yen’s high profile clients, diplomats, film and TV stars (both Hollywood and Bollywood), Royal families and elite Europeans have become accustomed to his breathtaking designs in the form of contemporary kaftans, haute couture creations and wedding dresses.

In a short space of time, he has established an exclusive global luxury brand that has gained much recognition in both the media and fashion world.

South Asian brides from both the UK and India are flying into Dubai just to see Yen and discuss potential bridal wear and exquisite jewels that are handmade and one-off pieces:

“The amount of international enquiries is growing day by day especially in Asian Bridal wear. I have always been a big fan of traditional Indian fashion. The intricate details of crystals and embroidery has always fascinated and inspired me,” Yen says.

“But I like to give a twist to this. Each gown designed and made, are one-off pieces made to measure for the bride to be. South Asian Brides are moving away from the traditional colours of red and dark pinks. They want to stand out. They to want to be a princess on their BIG day.”

Yen Bride 4“I have also designed couture gowns for many A-List Bollywood stars. I have always caught the eye of the West but to be welcomed by the South Asians is very overwhelming,” Yen adds.

Currently, Yen divides his time among his three branches in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait as well as his international clients who fly into Dubai especially to see him.

He is also ecstatic about signing his prêt-à-porter line in a boutique chain in the UK. Now British Asian brides-to-be won’t have to travel too far to find their perfect dress.

Yen’s busy schedule is also filled with preparations for his upcoming finale at London Fashion Week in September 2013. Expectations for his show are through the roof, and this ‘Dia-mond’ is already causing a media frenzy globally.

If elegance, sophistication and pure perfection is what you’re looking for on your wedding day, Yen Designs International will definitely turn you into a Princess.

Savita Kaye is a professional and hardworking independent woman. She thrives in the corporate world, aswell as the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. Always maintaining an enigma around her. Her motto is 'If you got it show it, if you like it buy it'!!!

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