10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides

Gold rings are the epitome of femininity. Their beauty is unprecedented as they are rightfully adorned by Desi brides. We explore ten stunning designs.

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides f

Gold rings accentuate the beauty of the bride

Bridal jewellery is a crucial element of every Desi brides ensemble from necklaces, tikka, bangles, gold rings and more. In this instance, the latter is of importance.

Universally, it is known that the vein in your left hand’s ring finger connects to the heart.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that rings are a symbol of love and are considered essential for a bride.

Jewellery has forever been a significant adornment for Desi brides. They have been gifted to brides from both her maternal family and in-laws.

Gold rings accentuate the beauty of the bride as they add a touch of femininity. However, selecting the right ring design can be a daunting experience.

Undoubtedly there is a vast collection of gold rings to choose from. We explore ten immaculate ring designs from simple to extravagant bespoke designs to suit all Desi brides.

Gemstones to Match the Ensemble

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - handjewellery

This style is an extravagant piece of jewellery. The gold ring design entails intricate work which extends to a hand chain.

The hand chains adorn the hand while the rings embellish the fingers. Each ring is crafted in different shape and set with turquoise gemstones.

These designer antique gold rings are ideal for a Desi bride who loves a hint of drama and for their jewellery to complement their lehenga.

This style can be altered to match the colours of your chosen outfit. The matching rings play muse to the rest of the extravagant jewellery.

Antique Gold Ring

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - hand chain

Another gold ring design combined with a hand chain is this beautiful single round ring.

Despite the simplicity in design, this piece of jewellery makes a powerful impact. There is no denying its minimalistic beauty.

The subtle cut-out detailing with a clear diamond adds a shine to the fingers while the delicate chains complement the design.

This ring design is perfect for those of you who want the best of both worlds; a little simplicity with a sprinkle of drama.

Gold Wedding Bands

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - bands

Sometimes it is the simple designs that outshine everything. Wedding band rings are timeless and classic creations that exude beauty.

Many harbour the misconception that selecting a simple ring does not require much thought.

However, even these supposed plain rings are available in various widths, finishes and combination of metals. As a result of this, there are numerous options to consider.

This wedding band ring is a statement, bold piece of jewellery made from 22 carat gold because only the best gold will suffice for a bride.

This design is perfect for a Desi bride who wants to match with her groom.

Simple yet Stunning

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - simple

This is another simple gold ring design for those who see the beauty in simplicity.

The delicate band detail is suited to match all kinds of jewellery as well as wedding ensembles.

This simple style ring complements the diamond engagment rings. To enhance the splendour of both rings, be sure to match the gold tones of both your engagement and wedding ring.

Another great aspect of this design is that it does not take attention away from your intricate mehndi design, rather it enriches the pattern.

Yellow Gold Halo Ring

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - halo

This style ring is perfect for Desi brides who want gold with extra sparkle. This gold wedding ring is gorgeously completed with a cushion-cut diamond.

The small-sized diamonds are scattered across the band while the cushion-cut diamond is decorated with a diamond-encrusted halo.

This style of the gold ring works beautifully with any colour wedding dress. It is an example of combining traditional gold with a modern touch.

If you want to stay in touch with your traditional roots as well as the modern world, then this style gold ring is perfect for you.

Double the Gold

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - 2rings

For all the traditional brides who love the flower touch, this style might be the one for you.

Wear it with confidence and pride as you flaunt your embellished fingers. This bold design will certainly catch everyone’s attention.

The stunning flower design includes delicately rounded and pointed petals that are centred with a large pearl.

Unlike the traditional yellow tone of gold, this style ring exemplifies a subtle gold hue which is equally as effective and striking.

It will also complement the embellishment of your lehenga.


10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - heirloom

Traditionally, a mother may pass down a gold ring to her daughter which previously will have been passed down for generations.

These rings carry with them a valuable sentiment as well as looking gorgeous.

This extravagant style jewellery is larger compared to various other rings thus creating the illusion of longer fingers.

In this instance, the subtle textured design adds dimension to the ring.

Even if you have reservations regarding the design supposedly being outdated, remember fashion repeats itself.

Gold Ring with a Diamond Twist

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - twist

Symbolise your love with this divine gold ring. It has been designed in 18-carat gold and features a beautiful entwined pattern.

The twist pattern is completed with a polish finish which carries a stunning band of round diamonds.

The slender band entails a petite design which allows for more attention to fall on the diamonds.

This style will complement your engagement ring seamlessly.

Ruby Red

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - emerald

Everyone is aware that red is the universal symbol of love, therefore this gold ring design is great for your big day.

The delicate gold band is decorated with a deep red hue emerald-cut diamond that is embedded between miniature pearl-shaped diamonds.

This gold ring would look amazing with a deep red bridal lehenga embellished with gold detailing.

These colours are traditional for a Desi bride and what better way to complete your jewellery than with this ring.

Statement Ring

10 Gold Wedding Rings & Designs for Desi Brides - statement

The idea of feeling like a princess on your wedding day is harboured by many women.

Simply ensuring your wedding dress is perfect is not enough. You must make sure your jewellery is equally extravagant to match your dress.

As a result of this, large statement rings are the right way to go. This immaculate round ring is breathtakingly beautiful.

The ring encompasses a pendent design in a subtle gold hue with the addition of light pink pearls.

The magic of this design is the inclusion of little pearls that extend from the edge as little droplets.

Remember if you pair your ensemble and jewellery strategically, there is no such thing as being too much.

Rings are viewed as a subtle symbol on an individual’s relationship status.

Since this piece of jewellery is intended to be worn for a lifetime, it is important to take time selecting the perfect gold ring.

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