How Personalising Desi Bridal Lehengas are Becoming Trendy

Personalising Desi bridal lehengas has become popular for brides wishing to wear their happiness on their outfits. We explore the detail behind the trend.

How Personalising Desi Bridal Lehengas are Becoming Trendy f

She is depicting her happiness to become the wife of her husband 'Suraj'

Personalising a Desi bridal outfit is fast becoming a major trend. Brides and couples are portraying something unique and special for themselves with the inclusion of names and phrases on the outfits.

Brides are experimenting with their outfit designers to add that touch of chic and originality to their attire.

Some of the creations are quite extraordinary, showing how much the big days mean to the bride and couple.

From sheer blouses with names on the back to full stories of romance told on the skirt of a lehenga, everything goes!

We take a look at some of the most exquisite, quirky and eye-catching efforts of personalising Desi bridal lehengas and other associated apparel.

The Blouse

Names and phrases on the blouse are very popular. Some brides are choosing a subtle approach while others are being bold and loud with their statements which are embroidered as part of the outfit.

name on blouse

This bride has created an epitome on the back of the sheer blouse of her lehenga.

She is depicting her happiness to become the wife of her husband ‘Suraj’.

The writing of the phrase ‘Suraj Ki Dulan’ says it all in terms of how she feels for her special man.

Personalising lehenga - blouse

These two designs show how names and phrases are being embroidered on the blouse either on the arm or at the back with an immense amount of detail.

The first design shows the phrase ‘King Ki Queen’ on the arm which is nice and subtle.

The second shows a much more detailed design on the back with ‘Sarva Ki Dulhania’ written above it.

One other style of personalisation of the blouse that is often seen is the use of short tassels with jewellery or name tags of the bride and groom hanging from the back.

Personalising name tags

Tassels and Latkans

Long tassels which drop on the side of the bridal outfit are often referred to as Latkans.

These are being used now for embroidering names, phrases and even wedding based ornaments to add that different touch to the lehenga.

Personalising - latkan

This dark green lehenga latkan displays phrases and names related to the bride and family.

It says ‘Shubh Vivah’ (the wedding), ‘Behen Ki Shaadi’ (wedding of our sister), ‘Arun [loveheart] Swinki’ (names of the couple) and ‘Jiju Ki Saaliyan’ (sisters-in-law of the brother-in-law).

How Names on Desi Bridal Lehengas are Becoming Trendy - tassels

These two types of tassels (latkans) show designs of the bride and groom’s name and ornaments such as a wedding carriage and birds which are very popular to add a unique touch to the outfit.


One popular trend for latkans is the use of floral designs and baubles. These add a certain panache to the outfit and can be matched with the colours of the lehenga. 

The floral garland style tassels can be even used for the back of the blouse as well.

Outfit Embroidery

Another trend of personalisation of lehengas is to embroid names and create personal stories or dialogues on the lehenga skirt.

Making the outfit a superb memoir for the wedding.

Personalising lehenga story

Some brides use the skirt to provide a full memento of their love story or symbolism of a wedding scene.

personalising lehenga names landscapes

Other designs use the approach of embroidering the names in a subtle manner, phrases and messages.

All of these methods of personalising the Desi bridal lehenga give a lovely opportunity to the bride and groom to express their love and individuality through the outfit.

With these examples being a mere sample of how brides are making personalisation a trend. There is no doubt that its popularity is set to continue. 

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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