Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi: Real-Life Brides

Looking globally at a range of real-life Sabyasachi brides, DESIblitz highlights Sabyasachi’s best bridal looks and offers inspiration for future brides.

brides of sabyasachi f

Sabyasachi's attention to detail is incomparable.

The bridal garb is considered one of the more significant ensembles a woman wears within her lifetime.

Each culture has it’s own traditions and colours but for every bride, her wedding dress is the most beautiful and most special.

To make such beauty and splendour, a true connoisseur is needed and for South Asian brides, that talent is Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi is a designer who loves to celebrate and invest in traditional South Asian textiles.

A lot of his pieces are expertly hand-crafted, woven and the fabrics are all of the highest quality – it’s no wonder he’s a favourite to brides and Bollywood celebrities.

Having prepared bridal looks for Anushka SharmaDeepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra on their respective special days, it’s clear Sabyasachi knows how to prepare a bridal look.

So, DESIblitz looks at Sabyasachi’s best bridal looks of real-life brides to give a plethora of inspiration for any soon-to-be brides.

Aayushi Jain – The classic Red Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - aayushi

The hallmark of Sabyasachi is the classic red bridal lehenga, as seen on real-life bride Aayushi Jain, for her Jaipur wedding.

When we think of the quintessential Desi bride we think red lehenga.

Sabyasachi’s attention to detail is incomparable.

Each creation has such a refined elegance to it. With every lehenga somehow whispering wonder and beauty.

The pleats in the lehenga are complemented by the traditional and rich embroidery.

Sabyasachi mixes different styles in a poetic fusion which flows beautifully.

From smaller sequin work to hand-embroidered floral borders, this lehenga truly ticks all the traditional boxes but has its own tailored twist.

Another Sabyasachi styling staple is to have two dupattas.

One which is folded or draped over the upper half of the body and blouse. While the other covers the head, as per bridal wedding traditions.

Add a matha patti and nose-ring to the look and you have achieved a traditional classic Sabyasachi bridal look.

Seema Patel – The Plush Pastel Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Seema

Side-stepping away from tradition in terms of colour is, real-life bride Seema Patel, for her California-based wedding.

While Sabyasachi enjoys the traditional tropes of the South Asian bridal look, he is unafraid of exploring varying tones, textures and fabrics.

As demonstrated with this stunning pink lehenga.

Pastel lehengas became a huge bridal trend after Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma wore a similar coloured lehenga during her wedding to cricketer Virat Kohli.

Her lehenga was also designed by Sabyasachi.

While the colour is societally considered modern and straying from convention, the cut and embroidery are typically desi and done beautifully.

Sabyasachi balances a duller gold embroidery so to not overpower the delicate pink of lehenga.

Making the embroidery a focal point, with incredible detailing.

He compliments the colour rather than taking away from it.

Diipa Büller-Khosla – The Velvet Sabyasachi Lehenga

best-brides-of-sabyasachi-dipa-4-in-article-1 (1)

Real-life bride Diipa Büller-Khosla’s autumn wedding became an internet sensation as images of her Udaipur lake palace wedding emerged.

With such a scenic and historic backdrop for her nuptials, her wedding outfit had to be crafted by Sabyasachi.

Diipa played with fabrics and opted for a lavish velvet lehenga.

A polka-dot blouse was paired with a floral-embroidered skirt.

The combination of a dark red with the bright gold was radiant on this bride.

Diipa opted for thick, golden jewellery to accompany this outfit. With the added touch of flowers to her hair, she was ready for her wedding day.

This lehenga highlights one of Sabyasachi’s more lavish creations. Again, portraying the versatility this designer has for creating and styling bridal wedding looks.

Neha Razak – The Modern Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Neha Razak


Neha Razak looked exceptionally striking in this very unique Sabyasachi creation for her New Zealand wedding.

Razak opted for a lehenga which is very bold and almost defiant of Sabyasachi’s more regular creations.

The designer crafted this sharp white lehenga, using simple yet effective mirror work detailing on the blouse.

The lehenga itself is a mixture of thick but stunning thread-work, with mirrors embedded inside to create a floral motif.

This is quite a minimalist bridal look for Sabyasachi, yet there is still a huge level of craftsmanship evident in this lehenga.

This bridal look highlights that you can break the mould and be daring, with the write designer by your side you can’t go wrong.

Razak used very dainty jewellery in her bridal look using Kundan style accessories to compliment her bridal outfit.

Sometimes less is more and with Sabyasachi, you are sure to create a buzz.

Renita Ahluwalia – The Floral Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Renita Ahluwalia

Renita Ahluwalia opted for a pop of peach with this floral creation by Sabyasachi, for her Canadian wedding.

Sabyasachi often incorporates floral motifs into his designs.

What is unique about Renita’s lehenga is not only the colour but the hand-painted flowers on the lehenga itself.

Such intricate and elegant detailing highlights the high-quality of Sabyasachi’s designs, especially in his bridal fashion.

With such a bright colour Sabyasachi was careful to not to overpower this outfit with too many embellishments.

He kept the lehenga light with simple but stunning floral motifs and accompanied it with a statement blouse.

Renita let her lehenga be the focal point and kept her accessories to a minimum.

Pooja Shah – The Regal Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Pooja Shah

Pooja Shah was a vision in this white Sabyasachi lehenga, the bride donned this regal look for her Mumbai wedding.

The lehenga itself is a work of art.

The complimentary pastel pink and blue embroidery is breathtaking as well as innovative.

Not many Desi bridal lehengas have played with this colour palette.

That is the beauty of Sabyasachi, he uses art, literature and music as his inspiration for designing.

This means each creation in itself has elements of these creative muses in them.

Which explains that certain whimsical and almost magical feeling we get when looking at his designs.

Shah opted for traditional Desi bridal jewellery to complete this radiant look.

Vinny Makhijani – The Embroidered Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Vinney

Another velvet lehenga makes the list with Vinny Makhijani’s heavily detailed Sabyasachi bridal lehenga.

The pleating of the lehenga is matched wonderfully by the heavy and thick embroidery on the skirt portion of this lehenga.

The embroidery is reminiscent of Kashmiri floral motifs which breathes that fresh heavenly air into this wedding ensemble.

With such a heavy and impactful skirt, the blouse portion of this lehenga is less busy.

Sabyasachi opted for a dainty floral pattern on the blouse with polka-dot work on the two dupattas.

The heavy haar style necklace and the accent ring brought Vinny’s bridal look together.

Thus giving her a very lavish aesthetic on her wedding day.

Jaslene Khaira – The Golden Sabyasachi Lehenga

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi - Real-Life Brides - Jaslene Khaira

Sabyasachi is the master of showstopper bridal looks.

This is best highlighted by real-life bride Jaslene Khaira, who wore this stunning Sabyasachi lehenga to her Morrocan wedding.

This bridal lehenga oozes ‘Bollywood Desi girl’.

Highlighting how Sabyasachi always tries to reflect his bride’s personality in their bridal attire.

It’s important that your wedding lehenga is stylish, however, it should also say something about you.

The sequin work would have been arduous for this thrilling end result. Even the dupatta has finer detailing of golden fringes and sequins.

However, Sabyasachi spares no effort when crafting these wedding day masterpieces.

A statement bridal piece if ever there was one, Sabyasachi showcases through his varied bridal designs his own innovative genius.

Bollywood’s Real Life Brides In Sabyasachi

Anushka Sharma

best-brides-of-sabyasachi-anushka-2-in-article (2)

Anushka wore Sabyasachi for her Italian destination wedding.

This blush-toned lehenga was a smash hit with fans and fashionistas alike.

Sharma opted for a spring-inspired bridal lehenga.

Sabyasachi incorporated soft floral detailing on the skirt of the lehenga, making this the feature point of her bridal outfit.

The pop of fuschia against the blush gave the ensemble a nice contrast to infuse some Desi brightness to this very modest bridal look.

best-brides-of-sabyasachi-anushka-1-in-article (1)

Sharma opted for a more awe-inspiring reception look, again crafted by Sabyasachi.

With very intense and amazing details on this lehenga, it was truly a ‘wow’ moment within her wedding looks.

The lehenga is a mix of metallic grey and gold detailing which is visually enchanting.

Sabyasachi added to this ensemble with one of his famous belts, the belted lehengas came into fashion as a result of the designer.

It is trademarked by the lion buckle as seen on Sharma.

Deepika Padukone

Best Bridal Looks of Sabyasachi Real-Life Brides Deepika

The reigning ‘queen of Bollywood’ selected Sabyasachi as one of the designers, for her many bridal looks.

The first ensemble he made for Deepika was for her Sindhi ceremony.

This bridal outfit was laden in culturally rich patterns and phrases.

Deepika’s dupatta was so detailed, Sabyasachi had the blessing, ‘Sada Saubhyagyavati Bhava’ hand-stitched into it.

This blessing translates as a wish; that the couple stays blessed and happy and for all evil to be warded away from the husband.

A very traditional bridal look, Sabyasachi did not disappoint as he delivered Deepika, a memorable wedding lehenga.

This Frida Kahlo inspired Sabyasachi lehenga was Deepika’s choice for reception wear at one of the many parties the couple held.

The entire look was styled by Sabyasachi himself.

With every flower and detail having been made by hand.

An impressive and artistic take of South Asian bridal fashion, Sabyasachi once again emphasises the variety and fun women can have with their wedding looks.

Priyanka Chopra

Highlights of Priyanka and Nicks Wedding in India - indian

Like her fellow actresses, Priyanka Chopra decided to wed in a Sabyasachi lehenga for her Indian wedding ceremony.

Priyanka opted for a more modern take on the ‘traditional red bridal lehenga’.

The detailing of this lehenga was truly unlike any other works of Sabyasachi.

It took Sabyasachi’s team 3,720 hours to handmake this lehenga with her waistband having the names of her father, mother and husband hand sewn into the ensemble.

Chopra’s lehenga is a testament to the fact that this designer constantly re-invents the ‘Desi bridal look’.

Sabyasachi constantly strives to give each bride a very personal and stylish aesthetic for her wedding day.

Chopra’s lehenga was heavy on the florals, with each organza flower being hand-crafted.

sabyasachi sketch PC bridal look (1)

The sketch above was the original inspiration for Priyanka’s bridal look.

Sabyasachi commented about Priyanka’s bridal lehenga:

“While some brides stay rooted in purist tradition, others aspire to re-interpret it to suit their personalities.”

The designer highlights that while there are typical and distinctive features to a Desi bridal garb; there is room for personal taste and innovation.

Sabyasachi is a favourite among real-life brides, as well as celebrity brides.

This is due to his masterful eye for detail and flair for artistic innovation in Desi bridal wear.

Having highlighted some of Sabyasachi’s wonderful bridal works, it is clear that three things are very important in bridal fashion.

They are the style, the cut and the details.

These three features can make all the difference in your bridal attire.

Jasneet Kaur Bagri - Jas is a Social Policy graduate. She loves to read, write and travel; gathering as much insight into the world and how it works. Her motto derives from her favourite philosopher Auguste Comte, "Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos."

Images courtesy of Brides of Sabyasachi Instagram page.

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