Roger Federer asks Desi Fans which Bollywood Film to Watch!

Tennis legend Roger Federer was struggling to find a film to watch so he asked his Desi fans for Bollywood recommendations.

Roger Federer asks Desi Fans which Bollywood Film to Watch! f

"A Bollywood classic maybe?"

Roger Federer got his Desi fans involved on Twitter after he asked them for their recommendations on a Bollywood film to watch.

The tennis icon had wanted to watch a movie but could not decide on which one so he chose to include his millions of followers to help him with his choice.

He initially wrote on October 1, 2019: “Any movie suggestions? #AvengersAssemble #Aquaman.”

Roger’s Tweet prompted his fans to get involved and he received four thousand replies.

Some gave him film titles while others recommended that he watch full match replays of his Grand Slam triumphs, calling their favourite “movie”.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner then got his Desi fans sending him Bollywood recommendations when he asked for a “Bollywood classic”.

He had written: “A Bollywood classic maybe?”

Naturally, Bollywood fans jumped at the opportunity and five thousand people responded.

Roger received a range of suggestions from Golmaal to DDLJ.

One user recommended the 1998 action film Gunda and other users backed it. One person said:

“Legendary recommendation. And Roger you can check its rating on IMDB too – insanely good movie.”

Another social media user jokingly advised Roger to watch Hello Brother, which starred Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan. He told Roger that it was the film he acted in due to his resemblance to Arbaaz.

One user put a list of Shahrukh Khan films for Roger to watch which included the likes of DevdasSwades and Chak De! India.

Some users even got into a debate which each other over their film choices.

One person wrote: “Watch Lagaan, Roger!”

It resulted in a small debate that people will know that India would win the cricket match to which the user responded:

“Haha yeah, also it’s more about the villagers winning over their oppressive and egoistical rulers. It’s a good watch in general imo.”

The number of suggestions even included Netflix India who decided to get in on the film recommendations for Roger Federer. They posted a list of films and why he should watch them.

Others advised the tennis player to search for particular actors instead of a film. One person suggested that he watch films starring Aamir Khan.

With so many Bollywood and Hollywood films being suggested, it looks like Roger Federer will have no problem thinking of a movie to watch!

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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