Indian Boyfriend wants to Marry Girlfriend after 4 Weeks

On Reddit, an African-American woman said that her Indian boyfriend wants them to get married despite only knowing each other for four weeks.

Indian Boyfriend wants to Marry Girlfriend after 4 Weeks f

"Is this normal that he’s wanting to get married this fast?"

A young woman has revealed that her Indian boyfriend wants to marry her after just four weeks of knowing each other.

In addition to the short relationship, the woman also revealed that she is just 18.

Taking to Reddit to speak about her dilemma, the woman said that she is African-American and that she and her boyfriend are based in the United States.

She said: “I’m an 18-year-old woman (black woman), my boyfriend who’s Indian is 23 years old.”

The woman explains that her boyfriend is very successful despite his age before revealing that they have only known each other for a month.

“He has a nice house and he owns two gas stations, we’ve only known each other for four weeks.”

She then discusses her issue.

“He’s already mentioned marriage and he proposed to me, was telling me how much he loves me.”

The woman’s Reddit post implies that her Indian boyfriend is desperate to marry her, even urging her to run away with him.

“I’ve been having family issues at home and he’s asking me to run away with him, said that if I loved him that I would leave my family to be with him, a housewife.”

Asking Reddit for help, she adds:

“Is this normal in Indian culture for men to love so fast?

“Is this normal that he’s wanting to get married this fast?

“What should I do?”

Her post received over 100 responses, with many stating the potential problems she could face.

One user replied: “This sounds like a scam tbh, he owns two gas stations at 23?

“You’re either going to get scammed or end up in an abusive marriage. I’m sorry but please get the hell out of that relationship. Take care of yourself!”

Others said that if she went through with the marriage, her life would be controlled by his parents and she would also face racist abuse.

“Trust your instincts.

“His parents own the gas stations, not him. You will have to stay in the same house with his parents who will dictate your life.”

“You will be asked to do all kinds of house chores and cooking, and your husband’s mother will constantly remind you of how bad you are at doing everything.

“That’s how it goes typically. Ask your boyfriend if the situation would be any different.

“Bonus: they will constantly b***h about your skin colour/race.

“Indians are very prejudiced against dark skin. Keep your ears open for some variation of the word ‘kaali/kaalu’.”

Some believed that the man’s desperation to get married was for citizenship purposes.

There were claims that it was so he can resolve visa issues while others felt he might dump his girlfriend after getting what he wanted.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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