Delhi Metro Passenger Pepper Sprays Woman during Row

A video has come to light, showing two women arguing on the Delhi Metro before one of them pepper sprays the other.

Delhi Metro Passenger Pepper Sprays Woman during Row f

the woman then pulls out a can of pepper spray

A viral video shows one woman pepper-spraying the other on the Delhi Metro during an argument.

The video showed two women sitting next to each other on the public transport. They were yelling at each other, however, it is not known who started the argument.

It is believed that the argument was over seating.

The woman dressed in red claimed that the woman in pink had denied her a seat. She also claimed that she was unable to focus as she was studying.

As the older woman calmly tries to talk to her, the woman in red yells at her to “shut up”.

A passenger opposite the women films them as their argument begins to intensify. Meanwhile, other passengers try to diffuse the situation to no avail.

The younger woman then shuffles over to her seat and begins looking through her bag whilst continuing to shout at the other woman.

As she continues to yell, the woman then pulls out a can of pepper spray and aims it at the other woman, threatening to use it.

The older woman seemingly gestures for action to be taken against the woman.

At the same time, one passenger is seen getting up from her seat, concerned that things might escalate.

The passengers continue to trade insults before the woman in pink grabs the other woman’s hand. This results in the woman aiming the pepper spray towards her face.

As she sprays the inflammatory agent, the other woman manages to swipe the perpetrator’s arm, narrowly preventing the spray from going into her eyes.

Shocked onlookers watched as the older woman held down the other woman’s arm in an attempt to stop her from using the pepper spray again.

However, the younger woman overpowers her.

Knowing what is going to happen, the older woman turns her head as the substance is sprayed into her hair.

The woman prepares to spray the substance for a third time before having second thoughts and putting the pepper spray back into her back.

Meanwhile, passengers in the metro compartment start to cough due to the strong smell.

The perpetrator gets up from her seat and briefly resumes her argument with the other woman.

The viral video led social media users to criticise the Delhi Metro passenger for her behaviour.

One said:

“No patience, no respect for each other’s space in this world.”

Another commented: “That’s a toxic emotionally unstable person right there. Pepper spray is out when she was under no serious threat.”

Others urged the authorities to take action against the woman.

On Twitter, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) later replied:

“Hi. Please provide coach number. Coach number is mentioned inside and outside the train.”

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