Indian Air Hostess gets into Furious Row with Passenger

In a viral video, an Indian air hostess became embroiled in a furious mid-air row with a passenger and even told him to “shut up”.

Indian Air Hostess gets into Furious Row with Passenger f

"I'm an employee, I'm not your servant."

An Indian air hostess had a heated mid-air row with a passenger after his demands left her colleagues in tears.

The female crew member for IndiGo, believed to be working on a flight from Istanbul to Delhi, told the unseen passenger to stop “pointing your finger at me and yelling at me, my crew is crying because of you” in a video shared online.

The argument was over the airline’s meal options for the passenger.

The air hostess said: “Please try to understand, there is a cart and counted meals are uplifted [on the plane]. We can only serve what your boarding…”

The man interrupts: “Why are you yelling?”

She shouts back: “Because you are yelling at us.

“I am so sorry sir but you do not talk to the crew like that. I am peacefully listening to you with all due respect, but you have to respect the crew as well.”

The man asks how he disrespected the airline crew before being reprimanded for pointing his finger at the staff member.

Meanwhile, another air hostess tries to usher her away from the confrontation.

As the row escalates, the passenger angrily tells the air hostess: “Shut up.”

The air hostess fires back: “You shut up, I’m sorry you cannot talk to me like that… I’m an employee, I’m not your servant.”

As the man tells her not to yell, the worker replies:

“Then you don’t yell.”

She then put her facemask back on and walked away.

It was reported that the man had asked for a sandwich and the crew told him they would check if it was available.

He then began disrespecting a staff member, causing them to cry.

The video led to a mixed response on Twitter, with many siding with the air hostess.

One said: “Hope IndiGo does not reprimand the crew here. Some passengers are obnoxious and it must have taken a lot for her to break down like this.

“She stood up for her fellow crew and she deserves only praise!”

Another said:

“She is absolutely right, she is not his servant. Well done cabin crew!!!!!”

One person who was on the flight said that several passengers had been rude to the crew members, calling them “servants”.

However, some believed that the air hostess should have controlled her emotions better.

One said: “I work in the hospitality sector even if the guest is misbehaving staff can’t go off the rails with the guest.

“In the end, she should have controlled her emotions and gotten a hold of the situation without screaming at the passenger even if they were unruly.”

A spokesperson for IndiGo said:

“We are aware of the incident that took place on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16, 2022.

“The issue was related to meals chosen by certain passengers travelling via a codeshare connection.

“IndiGo is cognisant of the needs of its customers and it is our constant endeavour to provide a courteous and hassle-free experience to our customers.

“We are looking into the incident and would like to assure that customers’ comfort has always been our top priority.

“We are committed to providing the best experience at all times.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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