PIA Air Hostess flees with Boyfriend after Landing in Paris

A PIA air hostess has allegedly fled Paris while on duty shortly after landing there. It is reported that she left with her boyfriend.

PIA Air Hostess flees with Boyfriend after Landing in Paris f

Shazia met with her boyfriend in Paris and they both eloped to Belgium.

PIA air hostess Shazia Saeed, from Lahore, has reportedly gone on the run with her boyfriend while on duty. She fled from Paris shortly after landing.

Shazia was on board flight PK-733 from Lahore to Paris on April 6, 2019, on request to the administration. She was due to return to Pakistan on April 9, 2019.

However, after landing in the French capital, the air hostess left her hotel without telling anyone. It was later revealed that she went to Belgium without her luggage.

Her colleagues confirmed that they did not know Shazia left as she did not inform them.

It was reported that Shazia left Paris and went to Belgium a day after arriving on the PIA flight from Lahore.

Shazia met with her boyfriend in Paris and they both eloped to Belgium.

Sources have claimed that Shazia had requested the administration to book her duty on the flight from Lahore to Paris.

The flight attendant left a letter in her hotel room before she left. It was later found by her colleagues who immediately alerted the airline’s management department.

A source claimed that Shazia gave her resignation before going to Belgium, however, a PIA spokesperson denied the claims.

The authorities at the airline have launched an investigation into the incident and the whereabouts of Shazia.

Similar cases involving PIA have happened in the past. In September 2018, Sialkot-based air hostess Fareeha Mukhtar went missing in Toronto, Canada after boarding a flight from Lahore.

The flight to Toronto was due to return to Lahore on the same day but she never boarded the plane.

She was previously accused of smuggling currency and mobile phones to other countries which saw her suspended from all international flights in 2015.

Mukhtar and four other PIA workers were not allowed to operate a flight to Karachi after their luggage was searched.

She and the other accused were eventually allowed to return the next day but she was banned from airline services.

After she went missing, Mukhtar was suspended and an inquiry was held against her.

Sources claimed she had taken political asylum in Canada on September 11, 2018, and managed to board the flight using political influence.

A spokesperson had no information on the matter regarding Mukhtar’s asylum.

Because of the incident, the Pakistani airline company was fined £6,000 (Rs. 5.7 Lakh).

Following an inquiry, Mukhtar was later traced and found to be living in Canada with another PIA flight attendant.

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