Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks Travel, Makeup and Career

In an exclusive interview, Emirates Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks about meeting new people, beauty tips and secrets, key skills and training details.

Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks Travel, Makeup and Career

“We are therapists, nannies, teachers, and doctors all in one, my job makes me feel like a superhero.”

Sleek and styled, while assisting passenger’s needs, Air Hostess Nadia Patel, takes us through her sky-high travel journey.

With a very few British Asians in this profession, Nadia has become an inspiration for many, through her popular Instagram account.

Her take to the skies had always been a childhood dream. But, while growing up, it was left, as only an unrealistic idea.

Yet, because of early age travel experiences and a very supportive family, Nadia decided the career was worth pursuing.

Wearing her signature red lipstick and sophisticated hat, the flying-diva at Emirates, shares with DESIblitz in an interview her jet-set travel and make-up lifestyle. Along with, tips for passengers, and skills and training details for those aspiring an Air Hostess career.

Beauty Secrets of Air Hostess Nadia Patel

Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks Travel, Makeup and Career

Most of us arrive looking drained after a long flight. And then, there is the cabin crew, looking every bit glamorous and polished.

From the time you take-off to when you finally land. They manage to stay flawless, as you awake with exhausted, reddened eyes, and desperately in need of the toilet, and a toothbrush! But, how exactly? Is there an MUA-service at the back?

Nadia tells DESIblitz: “I have been asked this onboard before and find it funny but also I was flattered. We all do our own makeup, although an MUA would not be bad for days when I’m lazy. My makeup skills have definitely improved from since I first joined, though.”

Yet, she thinks: “The common stereotype for cabin crew is that we look immaculate at all times. But really we just need to look presentable.”

For Nadia, the best products to use on board are the ones that make your makeup flawless and leave your skin looking like ‘skin.’ The products that tick all the boxes for her are:

“The Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, Nars creamy concealer, Laura Mercier setting powder, the Anastasia glow kit and lots of mascara,” she says.

As for the signature red lipstick, she doesn’t just have one! Nadia loves the work of art, that is, Ruby Woo and Russian Red by MAC, and Sephora Red.

And, if you want your makeup to look everlasting, Nadia recommends using the Urban Decay’s fixing spray before the flight will set the makeup: “So it’s generally not an issue when I’m onboard,” she tells us.

Beauty Tips for Passengers

When asked what passengers should do or use to stay looking fabulous, she advises:

“I would say it’s dry up there so definitely moisturiser and lots of it. Maybe just a bit of concealer and mascara, that usually does the trick for me. And a nice nude lip.”

But, she further adds: “As a travelling passenger, in my opinion, you don’t need to look good. You’re travelling!.”

Other useful tips include staying hydrated and exercising with foot lifts and ankle turns. These will leave you feeling more refreshed and alert.

Travelling Journey of Air Hostess Nadia Patel

Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks Travel, Makeup and Career

The British Asian flying-beauty has travelled to over 40 countries, with around 700-2000 passengers a week.

By these frequent travels, her growing exposure to various languages and cultures, meanwhile remaining immersed in the customer services culture, has given her the opportunity to build connections and bridge gaps:

“Meeting new people of all ethnicities, all ages and all walks of life. I’ve gone from having only British friends to having a friend in almost every country.I’ve learnt habits and traits of different nationalities and cultures which have really opened my mind,” she says.

Being surrounded in such a work environment, regularly hearing 5-10 different languages, Air Hostess Nadia Patel can speak Gujarati, Hindi, and Urdu:

“I honestly don’t know where my accent is from anymore. People always tell me I don’t sound British but that’s what Dubai does to you,” she adds.

With all the physically challenging duties offered in-flight, comes the jet-lag. However, Nadia explains that on long flights, they are given a few hours to sleep. As well as, given plenty of time to rest before each flight.

Yet, she describes:

“At first I would get super jetlagged after flights and the weather changes would sometimes make me ill. However, my body is so used to it all now. I only get jetlagged if I’ve been anywhere with more than a 6 hour time difference. I’ve learnt to manage my rest and know which foods my body rejects.”

Skills & Training Details

Air Hostess Nadia Patel talks Travel, Makeup and Career

It’s easy to think that the role of an Air Hostess is only about the visible aspects of appearance, communication and customer service. But, Air Hostess Nadia states that:

“We are therapists, nannies, teachers, and doctors all in one, my job makes me feel like a superhero.”

Indeed, the cabin crew are a group of very talented people.

And the training facilities are insightful, making the learning realistic. Where they learn safety and security skills, service training, and image and uniform:

“We have simulators to practice an emergency procedure which includes opening the aircraft door and sliding down the slide raft which is a lot of fun. Every week of training ends with an exam which is not as easy as it sounds,” she describes.

Besides all the physical necessities, there are height and weight requirements:

“There is a certain height you need to be able to reach with your hand whilst on tiptoes,” she says.

Working in the sky, as an Air Hostess, continues to hold a fascination and attraction for many. Nadia tells us that:

“I get messaged by a lot of girls on social media every week about whether they should apply and I always say go for it!.”

Yet, within the South Asian community, female flight attendants are often criticised.

But, if you are truly passionate about building a career in the skies, then follow the inspirational journey of Air Hostess Nadia Patel on Instagram.

And perhaps, her story could motivate your move!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images Courtesy Of: Official Instagram Of Nadia Patel.

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