ARY News Returns to UK as New Vision TV

After revoking of the licences and transmission closure, ARY news channel has returned to the UK as New Vision TV, rebranded with a new logo.

ARY News Returns to UK as New Vision TV

"Your favourite News channel is back in the UK on SKY 804."

Pakistani television network ARY, has relaunched and rebranded its established ARY News channel. The television station is now labelled as ‘New Vision TV,’ while ‘ARY News’ is replaced with ‘ARY World.’

The New Vision TV logo resembles the ARY Digital sign, a rotating black, red, and white cube. Yet, in the bottom opposite corner of the channel, the original logo is also visible.

Aired on Sky channel 804, the earlier home of its partner channel ARY QTV, the relaunch of ARY News has taken effect after several months of falling into liquidation, which resulted in the closure of the entire network in the UK. Ofcom had revoked the licensed services of the ARY Network Limited. Accordingly, ARY Digital, ARY News, and ARY QTV were all removed from their slots on Virgin Media and SKY.

However, it is unknown whether its partner channels, ARY Digital and ARY QTV will also make a comeback. Or whether ARY News will provide a mixed content from all its channels. But, for now, New Vision TV focuses on its live news updates and current affair shows.

According to the official communication previously made by Ofcom, the statement clarified that:

“The liquidator also explained his role in maximising the value of the assets in the company and that he was seeking Ofcom’s permission to vary the licences to rename the channels and to begin broadcasting new content, with the intention of then selling the EPG slots on which the channels were available.”

Following this sudden disappearance of one of the most watched Pakistani News channel in the UK, viewers have now taken to social media to welcome its return.

One Twitter user, Raza Mehdi says: “Your favourite News channel is back in the UK on SKY 804.”

Asians UK has tweeted: “#Great to see #ARYWorld #NewVision back on #Sky804 #RealNews.”

Waseem Badami, the popular host of current affairs programme ’11th Hour,’ tweeted an ARY Network produced video, officially and proudly announcing its return, and that it will continue to do its best for the country, media, and journalists.

The New Vision TV aims to avoid any concerns from Ofcom or Sky, after the sudden UK exit of ARY Network.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images Courtesy Of: Official Facebook of ARY NEWS & Official Twitter of Waseem Badami.

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