Pakistan Airlines passenger Kicks window & Punches seats

A passenger on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight created a ruckus when he started kicking the aircraft’s window.

Pakistan Airlines passenger Kicks window & Punches seats - f

He was frequently violent on the flight.

A video has emerged on social media showing a passenger onboard Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai flight creating a ruckus mid-flight.

The unruly passenger was seen punching seats, kicking the aircraft’s window and indulging in a brawl with the flight crew.

The incident started when the passenger started indulging himself in a brawl with the crew on the flight.

During the PIA’s PK-283 flight, he also damaged the aircraft’s window by kicking it with force as if trying to break it.

The passenger also punched and kicked the seats and then laid down on the floor with his face down.

He was frequently violent on the flight and later when in a bid to contain the situation the flight attendants intervened he attacked them as well.

For avoiding any escalation in the situation, the passenger was tied to his seat per aviation law.

As per the protocols, the captain of the flight contacted the air traffic controller of Dubai and sought security.

Upon landing at Dubai airport, the passenger was taken into custody by security officials.

The incident took place on September 14, 2022, and according to the PIA officials, the traveller was blacklisted by the airline.

The Pakistani flag carrier recently announced that it will add 5 new aircraft to its fleet.

Following its business plan, the carrier set to acquire five state-of-the-art aircraft for a six-year dry lease.

Their IATA business plan sees PIA back to profitability in 2024.

The new wide bodies will help PIA increase its business and meet demand. The planes will feature 250 to 320 seats.

Following the crash of PIA flight 8303 in May 2020, the airline was banned from European airspace.

It also sanctioned 150 pilots from flying because they had suspicious licences.

The fleet renewal most likely follows this ban, as the airline is hoping to regain access to European airspace with the fleet restriction.

This is important as they earn the most money from flying long haul.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the sanctions, the airline had to stop flying to Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Barcelona, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Milan and London.

Following the crash, the airline and Civil Aviation Authority cracked down on the pilot crisis and took 250 licenses of the over 800 pilots in Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said: “The saddest part for PIA is that we had alerted the regulatory agency and the government.”

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