Bangladeshi Transgender People demand Reserved Parliament Seats

In Bangladesh, members of the transgender community gathered outside the National Press Club and called for reserved seats in parliament.

Bangladeshi Transgender People demand Reserved Parliament Seats f

In order to implement the plans they need to be included.

Members of the Bangladeshi transgender community have called for reserved seats in parliament.

The Sustha Jeevan Foundation formed a human chain in front of the National Press Club on November 13, 2022, demanding reserved seats for transgender people in the national parliament.

The human chain was organised by Global Affairs Canada and supported by the Manusher Jonno Foundation.

Those who organised the gathering explained that Sustha Jeevan has been working since 2000 to ensure socio-economic development, legal aid, human rights and participation of all levels of society for the neglected transgender community.

Speakers also said that in the modern day, the transgender community receives a positive reception, however, it is not at the desired level.

Transgender people should participate in policy making when it comes to making national development plans as they are part of the society too.

In order to implement the plans they need to be included.

They hope to get cooperation and full support from the government to take part in the parliament through this mass rally.

There were no further updates from the government’s side to this rally as of yet.

In Bangladesh, it is believed there are between two and three million transgender people.

In April 2019, the community were given official representation as a gender on voting forms.

Abdul Baten, the director of national identity registration in Bangladesh had declared:

“From now onward, a third gender individual can be a voter with their own identity, as a Hijra.”

On November 11, 2022, a cultural event was organised by the transgender community at Enam Medical College Hospital Auditorium in Dhaka.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder ensured that the Ministry of Social Welfare has taken up projects to empower transgender people and ensure their inclusion in society.

Sadhan said:

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that no one will remain homeless.”

“To fulfil her promise, she has launched the Ashrayan project, through which the homeless people including members of the transgender community are receiving places to stay.”

Sadhan also talked about the many benefits transgender people are getting under the current government.

He continued: “In 2019, the government recognised transgender people as members of the third gender by providing them with the right to vote.

“Currently, transgender people can use their identity to get passports and many other services. This shows the government’s emphasis on improving the living standards of the transgender community.”

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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