Maria B draws Flak for Ignorant Remarks on Transgender People

Fashion designer Maria B was criticised for her comments on the transgender community, with many calling her “ignorant”.

Maria B draws Flak for Ignorant Remarks on Transgender People f

"He was her father first and then became her mother."

Fashion designer Maria B came under fire for her comments about the transgender community.

She took to Instagram to share a video of her and her sisters discussing the topic.

The video came amid the alterations currently being made to the Transgender Persons Act.

This is despite the backlash she faced for celebrating transgender activist Dr Mehrub Moiz Awan’s exclusion from a TEDxISL (International School Lahore) panel.

The designer had hailed ISL’s decision as one “for our kids” while contesting Mehrub’s identity as a Khwaja Sira.

Maria said that Dr Awan was “a man transitioning into a woman in Pakistan” and claimed that children were unaware of “the difference between genderless and trans community”.

She has now spoken about the “effects” the Transgender Persons Act could supposedly have on families and the “actual Khwaja Sira community”.

However, it ended up backfiring, with many criticising the fashion designer for discussing topics she hardly has any knowledge on.

Terming the discussion a “hot topic”, Maria B and her sisters, Najia and Aafia, spoke about the topic.

Maria said: “The first thing that one needs to do is to identify what transgender means.

“Who is the most famous transgender in the world? Everyone knows about Kim Kardashian and her father. He was her father first and then became her mother. His name is Caitlyn Jenner.”

She then questioned whether the act in Pakistan was for people like Caitlyn who “alter” their gender identity.

Maria continued: “No absolutely not, this act was made for the Khwaja Sira community.

“They are intersex people and there’s a massive difference between them and transgenders.

“On the act that represents the marginalised community, after 70 years when we’re doing something for them, and transgenders have usurped their rights.”

Najia then argued that the act did not include ‘Khwaja Sira’ and only spoke about transgenders “because of which, the prior community is denied its rights”.

Najia also suggested there were “noninvasive” tests that could determine whether someone is Khwaja Sira, transgender or cisgender.

Aafia added: “Transgenders believe in gender fluidity and change their birth-assigned gender during their life.”

The video angered social media users, with many calling out Maria for her “ignorant” comments.

One user said: “My God, what a brazen display of ignorance.

“The Pakistani elite truly are a cancer, and cannot think beyond their bubbles of b******t.”

Another commented: “The commentary is braindead (which it always is from Maria B) and the only thing worth mentioning is that… for the love of God, Bruce Jenner was Kim Kardashian’s step-father, not father.”

A third asked: “So, Maria B has posted something about transgenders again?”

“Why she has so much hate against them? I haven’t heard what she said but as per article I read, she needs help.”

A comment read: “Just watched a video of Maria B speaking about the transgender act.

“I pray she stops commenting on subject matter that a) has nothing to do with her, b) is beyond her scope of expertise and c) most importantly could get someone hurt.”

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