Maria B speaks out against Transgender Act

Fashion designer Maria B has once again spoken out against Pakistan’s Transgender Act, posting a series of tweets.

Why is Maria B against Pakistan's Transgender Laws f

"You are a vile creature inciting violence"

Once again, Maria B has spoken out against Pakistan’s Transgender Act.

The fashion designer has been highly vocal about her beliefs regarding her native country’s cultural norms and especially about the transgender community.

Maria took to Twitter to voice her opinions. She tweeted:

“We stand with the Shariat Court. We will fight for the protection of our kids, our families and women’s rights (which are eroded by Transgender Act).

“According to science, religion and common sense: Sex is binary; there is no third gender/sex. No one can change their sex.”

Maria B’s Twitter outburst was met with a number of outraged comments in which she was shamed for her insensitive comments and was also questioned about her own lifestyle, according to Shariah law.

One individual said: “Why aren’t you wearing Hijab according to Sharia?

“Why do you use models in your shoots? That’s exploitation and against what ‘you’ stand for.

“You are a vile creature inciting violence against human lives and should be in jail for hate speech. You are a danger to society and we actually need protection from people like you.”

Another said: “Poor insecure soul that can’t stand other humans having basic human rights to feel safe in who they are. God will see to you.

“The big enemy of women in Pakistan is the shariat court and may you suffer its consequences while we work on women getting their rights. Shame!”

A third wrote:

“Maria, seriously you need to visit a psychiatrist. Get well soon.”

Maria B doubled down on her comments in a series of subsequent tweets, including one where she claimed the “woke cult” has no “moral ground to defend transgender ideology”.

Maria B’s outburst came when the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) of Pakistan spoke against the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018, claiming that the Act was against the teachings of Islam.

The decision has since been challenged in Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Nayab Ali, director of Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan (TRCT), and Muhammad Sarim have since submitted a petition to the Supreme Court.

They challenged the ruling of the FSC by stating that the recent ruling dismissed the identification rights of the transgender community.

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018, is a law that focuses on obtaining equal rights and recognition to transgender individuals in Pakistan.

The Act enables individuals to choose their gender identity as they see fit and allows them to state their gender on government documents.

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