Why is Maria B against Pakistan’s Transgender Laws?

On a television talk show, fashion designer Maria B revealed why she is against Pakistan’s transgender laws.

Why is Maria B against Pakistan's Transgender Laws f


the fashion designer said that she had studied the statute

Well-known fashion designer Maria B explained why she is against the Transgender Persons Act in response to the backlash received from fans and fellow industry colleagues.

Alongside Punjab censor board member Fatima Ahmed Khan, Maria B was invited to appear in the most recent edition of talk show Super Over, hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt.

Maria was questioned about the Transgender Persons Act throughout the segment as well as the reasons why the “fake transgenders” are against her.

In response, the fashion designer said she disagreed with the term “transgender” since many individuals pretended to be intersex, an act that was not associated with the “true Khuwajasira community” (a name for the third gender in South Asia).

According to Maria, the term “transgender” refers to someone who refers to their internal knowledge of their own gender or the gender they identify with rather than the gender they were born with.

Fatima Ahmed Khan added to this by stating that it is important for people to understand the distinction between transgender and intersex people because the former is not considered to be “Khuwajasira”.

Additionally, the fashion designer said that she had studied the statute and that it made no mention of intersex or the genuine “Khuwajasira group” in Pakistan.

Maria B stated that she is raising awareness for the rights of the intersex population alongside her friends Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, a lawmaker, and Raja Zia ul Haq, a motivational speaker.

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act of 2018 is a law in Pakistan which aims to provide equal rights to transgender people and to safeguard their rights through legal recognition.

Maria’s television appearance comes shortly after she praised the Punjab government’s decision to ban Joyland which has continued to be outlawed in the region.

The Oscar-nominated film’s plot has generated a great deal of criticism in the country.

Even when the censor board of Pakistan gave the movie the green light for release, the Punjab province decided to once again block it.

Maria B came under fire for her social media comments on the movie.

She has applauded the Punjab Government’s recent move to forbid the screening of Joyland, nevertheless.

In one of her Instagram Stories, she praised the Punjabi government, stating: “You guys rock!”

She further said:

Joyland movie banned in Pakistan until further notice! What a rollercoaster. Punjab government.”

In addition, Maria expressed her appreciation to whoever had made the decision.

Maria commented: “Thank you to the government of Punjab, PTI, whoever did this.

“You guys give us hope for the future of our children. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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