Did Princess Diana inspire HSY to become a Fashion Designer?

Pakistani fashion designer HSY spoke about Princess Diana and his fashion career. But did she inspire him to venture into the industry?

Did Princess Diana inspire HSY to become a Fashion Designer f

“There was a beautiful princess in that carriage."

Pakistani fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, fondly known as HSY, recently revealed that it was Princess Diana who spiked his interest in the fashion industry.

Appearing on The Knock Knock Show, HSY revealed the moment he was introduced to the world of fashion.

HSY explained that after his parents separated, he moved to London with his mother. During his time in London, he witnessed the 1981 Royal Wedding.

He said the moment Princess Diana stepped out of the carriage was the moment he decided that he wanted to go into fashion.

To this day, Diana is considered to be a fashion icon and is still referred to as one of the most fashionable women in the world.

Her wedding dress was labelled as iconic by millions of people.

HSY went on to say that he had met Prince William whilst on a visit to Pakistan and whilst speaking to the Prince, he revealed that his mother was his inspiration behind fashion designing.

HSY is now considered to be one of the top designers in Pakistan.

Host Mohib Mirza brought forward the fact that HSY watched the Royal Wedding whilst sitting on his mother’s shoulders.

HSY recalled: “It’s an interesting story about Princess Diana.

“When I was younger we stayed in London, and the Royal Wedding was happening.

“I was sitting on her [mum] shoulders. Even though I was small, I could feel the energy of millions of people as they cheered for the carriage. I’ve never forgotten that moment.

“There was a beautiful princess in that carriage. I remember coming home, taking my sister’s dolls, I cut up tissue paper and began making a white dress.

“I thought one dress has impressed so many people and I can do the same thing too.”

HSY also revealed that American actor Billy Porter follows him on social media. He expressed a desire to be followed by more international celebrities.

He said: “Yes I want to be followed by a lot of international celebrities. I am a very small spec in this bigger sphere of celebrities. Also, an international star follows me.

“Billy Porter is a great actor and performer, he follows me and we often share words with each other.

“I have gotten to know about amazing people through this social media.”

HSY began his career as a fashion choreographer in 1994.

He has worked as a designer on a number of shows in Pakistan and also internationally, including Dubai, London, New York and Toronto.

In 2000 he introduced his own fashion label, named after his own initials.

He made his acting debut in 2021 as Akram in the drama serial Pehli Si Muhabbat.

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