Liger’s ‘Aafat’ draws Flak for using Rape Scene Dialogue

Liger’s track ‘Aafat’ has come under fire for using dialogue from a rape scene, with many taking to social media to voice their anger.

Liger's Aafat receives Flak for using Rape Scene Dialogue f

"It’s repulsive and shows an extreme lack of sensibility"

Peppy track ‘Aafat’ is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The track is from Liger, which is set to release in theatres on August 25, 2022.

It is a romantic track featuring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday on a picturesque beach.

However, the song has drawn flak for its questionable lyrics.

While some called the track cringy, many pointed out that one section of the lyrics featured dialogue from an old film where a woman is about to be raped and she shouts:

“Bhagwaan ke liye muje chod do.”

This has not gone down well on social media, with many criticising the casual use of “rape dialogue”.

A Reddit user shared the section and captioned it:

Liger song ‘Aafat’ using a rape scene dialogue from old movies for… aesthetics? Idk.”

One user said: “Someone else on the sub had also pointed this out when the song was released.

“It’s repulsive and shows an extreme lack of sensibility by the producers, actors, and of course the scum director.

“And the fact that they continue to promote this s**t with Insta influencers is just beyond me.”

Another wrote: “Disgusting, but what else can you expect from a marriage between a misogynist industry, and a super misogynist industry?”

One comment read: “South Indian movie Industry is super misogynistic, they try very hard to normalise unwarranted touching, catcalling and victim blaming!

“No wonder most of their songs are super vulgar and objectify women in the most tasteless manner!”

Others have also called for Liger to be boycotted.

This is partially due to the inclusion of rape scene dialogue as well as Karan Johar’s involvement in the production of the film.

One asked: “Why not boycott this movie instead of Laal Singh Chaddha?”

Another person said: “Where’s the boycott trend when we need it?”

The boycott trend attracted Vijay Deverakonda’s attention and he said that filming began in 2019 when there was no such boycott trend.

He said it all started in the Covid-19 lockdown and they were already into the shooting schedules by that time.

The actor went on to say that there was no better option than Karan Johar to take their film nationwide.

Vijay said: “I have no fear and I know that in complete honesty, we have done it with our hearts.

“We all are from this country and we know how much we do for our people and country.”

“We are not from that batch who sits in front of computers and tweets.”

Liger sees Vijay play an MMA fighter while Ananya is his love interest.

Meanwhile, Ramya Krishnan plays his mother.

Watch the Music Video for ‘Aafat’


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