Balochistan floods destroy ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti’s house

Wahab Bugti, who rose to fame with ‘Kana Yaari’, was forced to live in ruinous conditions after his homeland was left flooded.

Balochistan floods destroy ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti's house - f

"His family has been living without a home."

The recent heavy rainfalls have resulted in floods across Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan, leaving many homes submerged or destroyed.

According to a report by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), more than 36,469 households have been affected, of which 60% are in Balochistan.

One such home belongs to Wahab Bugti, who rose to mainstream prominence after the release of Coke Studio’s ‘Kana Yaari’ in 2022, featuring his vocals alongside Kaifi Khalil and Eva B.

Wahab Bugti informed The Express Tribune that he has now migrated from his village to the city of Dera Murad Jamali.

He shared: “Xulfi and my peers from Coke Studio got in touch with me right after my brothers uploaded the photos of our displacement on social media.

“This was a day back, and since then their [Coke Studio] team has shown immense support.”

Xulfi, on behalf of Coke Studio, shared on Twitter: “We are and will continue to be with Wahab Bugti Sahib and his loved ones to help overcome the difficult situation.

“Rest assured, he is being given all possible support on the ground.”

Bugti’s situation became known when a social media user on Twitter detailed the grave conditions the singer and his family have been living in after being impacted by the natural disaster.

The Tweet read: “Wahab Bugti, who got famous after singing Kana Yaari at Coke Studio, has been living in dire conditions due to the floods in Balochistan.

“His mud house was destroyed and his family has been living without a home.”

The tweet garnered a quick response, with many asking how to help the singer and his family.

One social media user working towards flood relief efforts in Balochistan took it upon themselves to reach out to the singer.

After being able to get in contact with him, the user tweeted out a mobile number to directly donate to the singer’s JazzCash account.

They also began collecting donations on his behalf after the limit on the JazzCash soon became exceeded after an outpouring of support.

Many known figures have shed light on the situation, including Bugti’s Coke Studio collaborator Kaifi Khalil, who tweeted out the mobile number to the singer’s JazzCash account and urged his followers to help.

Hadiqa Kiani posted about the singer’s condition on Instagram, urging donations through her flood relief campaign Vaseela for delivering supplies and building shelters.

Ahmed Ali Butt also posted about the situation on Instagram alongside a short note directed towards Coke Studio:

“I request Coke Studio to take care of their artist.”

“Just like they benefit from artists and their name, as a brand they should also feel a moral responsibility to secure their artist’s wellbeing. A small act of kindness goes a long way.”

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