Coke Studio rejects ‘Tu Jhoom’ Plagiarism Claim

Coke Studio has refuted allegations of stealing a young singer’s melody for ‘Tu Jhoom’, the first release of their current season.

Coke Studio rejects ‘Tu Jhoom’ Plagiarism Claim - f

“I didn’t download your audio file.”

Coke Studio producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi) has come under fire, with a singer claiming to have created the melody used in ‘Tu Jhoom’ in June 2021.

Nirmala Maghani further claimed that she messaged Xulfi, hoping to land a spot in Coke Studio’s season 14.

Whilst the producer did not respond to Nirmala’s messages, the singer insists that each message was received by Xulfi.

It was not until the release of ‘Tu Jhoom’ that she realised that her melody had been used in Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s song.

Nirmala Maghani has not been given any credit.

In a recent interview, the young singer revealed that she had been trying to get in touch with Xulfi when the song was released but he responded:

“I didn’t download your audio file.”

Composer and lyricist Yousaf Salahuddin, popularly known as Mian Salli, also addressed the situation and said:

“The composition has been copied from Nirmala Maghani, who is a singer and composer from Umerkot, Tharparkar, she had sent to Xulfi for consideration in the then-upcoming season of Coke Studio.”

Mian Salli added: “Xulfi instead changed the words and sold this as his own to Coke Studio.

“This is highly inappropriate and legal action will be taken very soon.”

He also said that there was proof on WhatsApp.

Khalid Khan, CEO of Digital Entertainment World, the company that manages Mian Salli’s digital properties, said their lawyers will soon file a complaint in court.

Meanwhile, Xulfi has denied Nirmala’s claims and has said that he always tries to be inclusive in all his work.

In a statement, Xulfi said:

“As I shared with you earlier, I produce and collaborate in the spirit of inclusivity and my work with Coke Studio holds the same philosophy.

“My work is not borrowed or without credit, given that what I share with the world is work that relies on the very essence of partnership and collaboration.

“I hope this to be evident in my entire body of work produced in my career.”

He further said that the current season of Coke Studio was planned to make Pakistani music heard worldwide.

The music producer added:

“The aim was to present our music, our young talent and our icons in a way that shows the world what we are capable of, what we stand for as a nation.

“Our aim was to create a cultural moment of glory for Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, Nirmala Maghani has thanked those who have spoken out for her.

She said: “I will accept whatever the court decides.”

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