Mehwish Hayat angry after Coke Studio is labelled ‘Indian Pop’

Mehwish Hayat took to social media to hit out at Apple Music for classifying Pakistan’s Coke Studio as ‘Indian Pop’.

Mehwish Hayat angry after Coke Studio is labelled 'Indian Pop' f

"we deserve to be recognised."

Mehwish Hayat has called out Apple Music for classifying Pakistan’s Coke Studio as ‘Indian pop, Asian or worldwide’.

She also slammed iTunes for doing the same thing.

Coke Studio is a Pakistani platform that brings together some of the country’s best singers, musicians and composers to celebrate the musical heritage.

After coming across the situation, Mehwish took to social media to share it with her friends.

She wrote: “Just noticed iTunes/Apple music – music portal classifies our Coke Studio Pakistan as ‘Indian Pop’.

“Other episodes are ‘Worldwide’ or ‘Asia’- anything but ‘Pakistani’.

“Come on @AppleMusic give us this one at least! Coke Studio is a Pakistani success and we deserve to be recognised.”

Fans expressed their opinion, with many thanking Mehwish for raising her voice over the issue.

One said: “Learn to love it respect it embraced Pakistani pop always carries a punch that no other music could ever touch all hail all hell yeah our boss our Queen our goddess this is her Queendom.”

Another said: “It hurts me. Thanks for raising the issue here.”

A user wrote: “Shame on you Apple. Do your homework. You have the most strict copyright laws yet here you are depriving Pakistani artists their due.”

Some pointed out that Mehwish Hayat is the only person to have addressed the matter so far.

One wrote: “Only Mehwish dared to raise her voice.

“Of course, Pakistan’s Coke Studio has its own class, standard and recognition. It deserves to be acknowledged uniquely.”

Another agreed: “Very strong point to consider! Pakistani music should have its own name, and you are the first to advocate for this!”

A third said: “You are the first person to call for Pakistani music to have its own name.”

Some stated that this is a major issue to think about.

“The industry should take a stand and protest, and get it changed.”

Some users pointed out that this issue is prevalent on other platforms.

One said: “Thank god there is someone out there who notices such things, even on Letterboxd so many good Pakistani movies are listed in ‘Indian cinema’ and I can’t tell you how much it bothers me like we only have a handful of movies and even those are not being recognised as Pakistani.”

Another pointed out: “You know YouTube does the same. It classifies Coke Studio Pakistan as Indian music.”

A third said: “Same on Amazon Music!!!”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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