Coke Studio unveils Shae Gill’s Debut Solo Track ‘Mera Sawera’

Coke Studio has released ‘Mera Sawera’, the debut solo track from 24-year-old Lahore-based performer Shae Gill.

Coke Studio unveils Shae Gill's Debut Solo Track 'Mera Sawera' f

"It has beautiful lyrics and imagery"

Shae Gill has released her debut solo single ‘Mera Sawera’ and the ballad is mesmerising music lovers.

‘Mera Sawera’ was released by Coke Studio on their YouTube channel and it has already gathered many views and compliments, with many applauding Shae Gill on her vocal skills.

Shae Gill rose to stardom when she featured on ‘Pasoori’ with Ali Sethi, making this her second appearance on Coke Studio.

‘Mera Sawera’ boasts a simplistic video that showcases Shae sitting on a sofa with just her microphone, lost in her musical world.

The soft strumming of the guitar mesmerises the audience and sets the tone for the powerful ballad, followed by a slither of electronic beats.

As the song progresses so does the music, paired perfectly with the soft and raspy tones of Shae Gill’s voice.

Mera Sawera is a song that expresses feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and a battle with inner demons.

Fans came together on YouTube to share their appreciation for the latest single.

One fan said: “I love it. It has beautiful lyrics and imagery, a complimentary arrangement and of course Shae’s moving vocals.

“I think it represents the softness, meaningfulness and beauty of Pakistani music very well.”

Another comment read: “Absolutely phenomenal.

“Glad to see Shae, a young lass from Lahore, is fast becoming a global sensation. You go girl, more power to you!”

A third said: “Shae Gill’s voice is stunning!! What a beautiful song wow.”

Shae Gill took to Instagram to share her solo debut where she was praised for her talents, but others came forward to express their disappointment with her makeup choices.

Many argued that they were unable to concentrate on the song because they were distracted by her makeup, largely her bright blue eyeshadow.

One person wrote: “The makeup is horrible. It distracts the listeners.”

Another wrote: “Love your look and the lyrics! Can’t wait to see you grow!”

One comment read:

“Wow! So beautiful! Amazing song from your soulful angelic voice. So soothing.”

“Sending you loads of love, happiness, joy, and wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. God bless you.”

The powerful ballad has been produced by Umair Tahir, who is well known for his collaborations with talented artists such as Young Stunners, Faris Shafi and Shamoon Ismail.

Listen to ‘Mera Sawera’


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