Hard Kaur slams lyricist Sameer for taking Song Credit

Bollywood and hip-hop artist Hard Kaur has slammed lyricist Sameer after he took away her credit for a song. She took to social media to voice her anger.

Hard Kaur slams lyricist Sameer for taking Song Credits f

"I would love to know how he wrote '4 baj gaye'."

Singer-rapper Hard Kaur has blasted lyricist Sameer after he took away her song credit on television.

Hard Kaur stated that she wrote and performed the 2014 song Char Baj Gaye and it became a popular party song.

However, she was left angry after Sameer Anjaan appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show and said that he wrote the song.

Kaur took to social media to share her feelings towards Sameer after he took away her rights to the song.

He was a guest on Kapil Sharma’s show alongside singer Kumar Sanu where he said:

“My kids are here, they are my biggest critics. I have written a lot of songs during the 90s.

“When I continued writing those songs, my kids were like what yaa daddy, why are you writing such old songs? So I observed and studied them so that I can understand them.

“Then I introduced Sachin-Jigar, the music composer duo and I wrote the song ‘Char Baj Gaye’ with them.

“That’s when my kids felt like my father is still young at heart.”


Hard Kaur called out Sameer for his actions and wrote: “Wah what a f****n lie???? I would love to know how he wrote ‘4 baj gaye’.

“Please tell us the process. #noshame taking my credit and royalties is one thing.

“Sitting on national TV and talking s*** with such pride is just next level low.”

The rapper explained that she wrote the song and another for the film F.A.L.T.U. and had been called to the studio by Sameer.

“I have written the song. Sameer had called me to the studio; they made me do two songs for the movie F.A.L.T.U.

“I had written Char Baj Gaye in three different ways. When I first wrote the song and showed it to Sameer, he did not like the lyrics but later used it.”

She also revealed that she was not paid for the songs she wrote and sang.

“He has done this to a lot of people, taking credit and making his own. They did not even call me for the song launch and nobody said anything back then.

“He did not even apologise about this. My fans are messaging him and he is telling them that ‘I am not being honest’.

“I have not been given my royalties. Sameer is proudly telling this lie, how people do something like this.”

She told DESIblitz exclusively:

“The truth is out that I was right and I did write the lyrics. After many years I’m finally at peace.

“It’d be great if I could be paid too but that wasn’t the reason.

“Today is a good day for music, writers, rappers and Indian hip hop.”

The lyricist has not formally responded to the backlash against him.

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