Pakistani Lyricist Asim Raza calls Indian Singers ‘Cheaters’

Pakistani lyricist Asim Raza has slammed several Indian singers for not crediting him on their songs, calling them “cheaters”.

Pakistani Lyricist Asim Raza calls Indian Singers 'Cheaters' f

"copied by famous copycats without giving original credits."

Pakistani lyricist Asim Raza has called Indian singers Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal “cheaters”.

It comes after he was one of many not credited on their latest release, ‘Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai’, based on the extremely popular 2018 Pakistani song ‘Bol Kaffara Kya Hoga’.

The original was sung by Sehar Gul Khan and Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal.

It was written, composed and co-produced by Raza under the Karachi-based label, BOL Network.

He took to Twitter to express his disappointment in a sarcastic post, also tagging Indian music label T-Series, Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal.

He wrote: “Alhamdulillah I’m listed in the greatest Pakistani song-makers ever who are copied by famous copycats without giving original credits.

“This time the cheaters are @TSeries @iAmNehaKakkar @JubinNautiyal who amazingly ruined the true soul of my song. #BolKaffara/#DilGhaltiKarBetha.”

The majority of netizens sided with Asim over the matter.

One netizen said: “Why giving rights out anyway?

“No one will see this as a Pakistani song anymore. It will be Neha Kakkar’s song now.

“Pakistan need to stop giving rights and sue them all. It’s kind of an insult tbh.”

Asim Raza responded:

“No rights given at all, it’s clearly a shameless violation, cheating and PLAGIARISM.”

It comes after Indian singer Dhvani Bhanushali was recently accused of “ripping off” classic Pakistani song ‘Gagar’, originally by Alamgir, with her latest track.

While Bhanushali’s ‘Mehendi’ did have different lyrics, the tune and melody seemed similar to the one which was recreated by Umair Jaswal on a Pakistani singing show in 2020.

However, it is not just songs that the Indian entertainment industry has been allegedly stealing but also music videos.

This was the case with Indian singer Brham Darya.

The music video for his new song, ‘Mood Happy’, was released in September 2021.

But social media users were quick to point out that the music video for the Punjabi track looked familiar.

They soon found that the music video was almost identical to the video for Pakistani musician Shani Arshad’s song ‘Ki Jana’ and appeared to have been copied from frame to frame.

‘Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai’ previously made headlines after Jubin Nautiyal seemed to refuse to kiss actress Mouni Roy who was starring in the music video for the track.

In a behind-the-scenes clip, the director mentions that the pair will have to kiss. This prompted a shocked reaction from Nautiyal.

However, it was soon revealed to be a prank played against him by the cast and crew.

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