Hadiqa Kiani builds 200 Homes for Balochistan Flood Victims

Through her non-profit organisation Vaseela-e-Raah, Hadiqa Kiani has helped to build over 200 homes for victims of the Balochistan floods.

Hadiqa Kiani builds 200 Homes for Balochistan Flood Victims f

“All funds collected over the past year have been fully utilised.”

Hadiqa Kiani has successfully helped to build over 200 homes for the victims of the 2022 Balochistan floods.

Hadiqa took to Instagram to notify her followers that she had exceeded her goal of 200 houses and the addition of health and community facilities.

She stated: “By the grace of Allah and your selfless help, we have surpassed our goal.

“The promise I made last year to help the people of Balochistan, my mother, and my country is now complete.

“Our initial goal was 200 homes, but through prayer, determination, hard work and our community, we have now completed 370 homes, two mosques, two maternity centres, one school and one grocery store in Balochistan.

“All funds collected over the past year have been fully utilised.”

In a previous post, Hadiqa Kiani shared a progress photo of one of the houses that were being built with the help of her non-profit organisation Vaseela-e-Raah.

She had said: “We are rapidly reaching our target by the grace of God, and with the trust and support our people gave to this campaign.

“We have reached our financial targets to complete this goal soon.”

The post was met with a lot of appreciation for her help and many followers congratulated Hadiqa for her efforts.

One follower said: “Hadiqa had proved that when your core is pure and your intentions are clean and clear, Allah paves a way for you.”

Another said:

“I’m so proud of you, you’re our hero.”

On the official Vaseela-e-Raah Instagram page, Hadiqa posted a video in which she is seen handing out sewing machines to many women in an attempt to make money for themselves by sewing clothes.

She captioned the video: “We have selected women who had some skills of stitching, and distributed sewing machines so that they can explore and polish their skills more as per the promise I made.”

The post was met warmly and she was praised for encouraging women to make a living based on their talents.

Hadiqa Kiani has been an advocate for women’s and children’s rights for a long time, and her organisation Vaseela-e-Raah is the fruit of a promise she had made to her mother.

Since the start of her project, Hadiqa has been transparent about the funds she has received and has given updates about where the money is being spent.

As well as providing food, medical kits, clothes and water for the victims, Hadiqa also generated several goodie bags for the children who were affected by the floods.

She has promised to record a video in which she will detail the journey of making homes for the victims and provide more information about the work she has carried out in the province.

Hadiqa went on to confirm that she was not receiving further donations for the cause.

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