Hadiqa Kiani reacts to Accusation of Smuggling Cocaine Into UK

Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani, allegedly accused by a British report for smuggling cocaine. She denounces the claimed arrest at Heathrow Airport as fake.

Hadiqa Kiani reacts to Accusation of Smuggling Cocaine Into London

"Completely false. I dare anyone to associate drugs with my name. Don't believe me, contact U.K. authorities."

Hadiqa Kiani, one of Pakistan’s leading female singer and songwriter, faces controversial arrest claims by the British website Metro-UK.com, that she was detained at Heathrow Airport for supposedly carrying cocaine.

The claims made by Metro-UK.com, accuse the ‘Boohey Barian’ famed singer, for trying to smuggle 2 kilogrammes of cocaine, within her suitcase, concealed inside two bags of coffee.

The UK website adds, Hadiqa Kiani was apparently arrested and handed over to the Port Authority Police. Following which, they claim, she will face prosecution by the London District Attorney, for drug smuggling charges.

Further quoting officials, Metro-UK.com states that the cocaine roughly amounted to more than £80,000. And according to them, the Customs and Border Protection Police Officers had taken Hadiqa Kiani into a separate search room. During which, they discovered the second bag of cocaine.

Additionally, they report that Robert E. Perez, the Director of UK Border Agency London Field Operations, defines this seizure as:

“…Another example of UK Border Agency being ever vigilant in protecting the United Kingdom from the distribution of illicit drugs.”

The stylish pop star tweeted out several times, expressing her anger and denouncing the reports as fake, as she says she was in Lahore:

“Completely false. I dare anyone to associate drugs with my name. Don’t believe me, contact U.K. authorities.”

Hadiqa Kiani then also uploaded a photo with her Mother and Son, spending time in Lahore:

In other tweets, the singer also mentioned another local Pakistani newspaper for spreading the news. But, it has since been taken down by the named publication, as well by Hadiqa. Rather now, it reads:

Hadiqa also went live on Pakistani news channels, ARY and SAMAA, to slam the allegations.

By saying #DoYourHomeWork, she has conveyed her disappointment that the UK publication, as well as the local newspaper, had reported rumours without verification.

Fans & Followers React

When news circulates about such a renowned figure,  fans and followers would certainly take to social media to react.

Many users have shown great support:

Umair Khalid says on Facebook: “Forget about the rumours…ur fans were standing with u stay blessed.”

Meanwhile, Saadiyah Zohra says: “No-one is gonna believe any of those journalists! Love You So Much.”

Yet for others, it was rather amusing, Billi tweets: “#HadiqaKiani arrested at London while staying in Lahore. LOL media.”

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images Courtesy Of: Pak101, Daily Heights, Official Twitter of Hadiqa Kiani.

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