Online Shopping Guide Summer 2013

Looking for a new statement wardrobe for long summer days? DESiblitz has the low-down on where to shop online for your perfect summer 2013 outfits.

Remember to always make a statement. This doesn’t mean going overboard with your wardrobe.

Summer 2013 has arrived and it’s time to shop for a brand new wardrobe! While summer is an amazing season known for spending time with our friends and family, going on adventures and having those special barbecues, it’s important to dress according to the weather!

So, it’s time to get rid of those knits and trade them in for a cute dress, or how about a crop top and some shorts?

We at DESIblitz know everyone doesn’t have that much time to thoroughly browse the internet and find trustworthy shops that sell affordable but trendy items.

So we took it upon ourselves to help our readers out by creating a summer clothing online shopping guide!


tops new

Sleeveless? Collared? Printed? Or all three? If you’re like us and like to keep your options open, then we have the shops for you!

If you’re looking for one of those uber trendy sleeveless tops, then Sophiscat is the place to look at. They have a selection of sleeveless tops to pick from, not to mention other trendy items such as their very popular city dress.

Next is Molly LA, which is a less pricey shop which features a ton of stylish items – our favourites are their eye of the tiger tank top – a very trendy tank that can become a statement piece when paired with any bottom. For those who didn’t know, anything with a tiger on it is trending in the fashion world!

Our second piece is their gorgeous island kimono. A kimono is another piece to consider this summer as it’s very versatile and can be used while coordinating any outfit, literally. You can wear it on top of your swimsuit as well as pair it with a corset and a pair of jean shorts.

Also, if you’re more of a business casual person who still likes to keep it trendy, we’d suggest taking a look at their safari chiffon blouse – a perfect top that can be paired with a pair of trousers. This top will make you the most fashionable person while attending meetings!

But, what about those cold summer nights? We can’t forget about those – which is why Minx Apparel is our go to source for knits that are not too heavy for summer. Their knitwear and leather jackets are affordable and have exceptional quality as well that will make you look great on a chilly summer night!



Summers are big on two things: wedding season and a whole lot of partying! Although on the pricey side, ShopLuvB offers dresses for every occasion – from rocking their hi-lo sequin dress in black at the club to changing into their orange skater dress for a wedding!

Yes, you will be splurging anywhere between $10 – $100 but at the end of the day, the quality of the dresses and the fit is just so perfect, you will truly feel satisfied while wearing one of their dresses.

Gingham and Heels is another shop that have a range of products from tops, pants and dresses. But, while looking at their selection, we spotted one dress that every girl must have: their bohemian spice dress which comes in two different colors; red and blue.

A bohemian dress is perfect for the summer because you can wear it anyway you like and pair it with just about any accessory. The best part about this dress is that it’s quarter sleeves, so it’s great to during those chilly summer nights!



Harem pants – we all love them, but just can’t seem to find the perfect pair since they’re either all too expensive or they don’t fit well. The Missing Piece boutique offers two different versions of harem pants, one being the original version in the color orange and the other in a gorgeous royal blue, purple and grey with two columns of buttons on them. The Missing Piece boutique offers so many different fashions all for an extremely low price, and when we saw harem pants for $15 to $25 we were in absolute awe since at other competitive stores a pair of those pants can cost up to $70.

Another trend that has been discovered throughout the past few months if the checkered look! In high fashion especially, models and designers have been seen sporting the checkered look. Rather than buying a checkered top, why not make your jeans the statement this summer?

94 Phoenix, a small boutique on Storenvy offers their shoppers a trendy pair of checkered pants. Why walk around in casual skinny jeans when the opportunity to rock a different print is given to you?! Remember to always make a statement – this doesn’t mean going overboard with your wardrobe, if you’re not too into fashion but still want to be somewhat trendy, always remember if you’re wearing a simple tee or pants, make the other half pop!


shoes is a shoe store we came across and immediately fell in love with for one main reason, the shoes featured on their website are almost if not identical to the ones at Zara. We all know that heels from Zara can come close to a scary $100, however at Sleeh you can get the same pair of heels but also in different colors that have been seen at Zara for half the price. Not only that, but Sleeh also offers a bigger variety then we’ve seen at other shoe stores!

Syndrome is another store that we came across of when looking for unique shoes. We are absolutely in love with Jeffrey Campbell Litas just like any other fashion enthusiast, but spending $150 for a pair is just a bit too hefty. We were surprised to learn that the Syndrome boutique was selling look-a-likes for only $40. The only downside is that they only offer two textures and colors: faux leather and suede in black and white.

Before we end this online shopping guide for summer 2013, we hope you did not expect us to leave you hanging! If there is one thing a Desi girl has problems with, it’s teasing her hair. We all want that big, gorgeous hair so we can keep our lovely hairstyles maintained while attending a function but it’s hard to find the perfect teasing comb.

Teeze-w-Eeze is a fairly new, but already popular company that has wowed everyone. After doing much research, Teeze –W-Eeze is now on our must have list. Their combs work wonders for those who have thick hair! Don’t believe us? YouTube them and watch the reviews!

Neha Lobana is a young aspiring journalist in Canada. Besides reading and writing she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her motto is "Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."