Indian Woman forcibly sits on Man’s Lap in Delhi Metro

In a viral video, an Indian woman forcibly sat on a man’s lap inside a crowded Delhi Metro coach, sparking an online row.

Indian Woman forcibly sits on Man's Lap in Delhi Metro f

"I will also become shameless."

An Indian woman travelling on the Delhi Metro sparked an online row by forcibly sitting on a man’s lap.

The Delhi Metro has become known for viral videos of passengers arguing, couples behaving inappropriately and content creators performing outrageous stunts.

A video has now gone viral of a woman sitting on a man’s lap inside a crowded Delhi Metro carriage after failing to get a seat.

The woman, dressed in black, is seen getting into an argument with fellow commuters over the lack of vacant seats.

When she is ignored, the woman demands a young man to vacate his seat for her.

The man refuses to get up, prompting her to sit on his lap, declaring:

“I will also become shameless.”

Amid the commotion, another male passenger gets up to seemingly accommodate her. However, the man could have been feeling uncomfortable by what was going on.

The man seemed to have no issue with the random woman sitting on his lap but another passenger sitting next to them is seen putting his head in his hands.

The woman continues to express her disregard for the crowded carriage, stating:

“It does not matter to me, it will matter to you, and that too, not just now but at night, while maintaining her adherence to rules and questioning the necessity of breaking them.”

The video quickly went viral and many netizens criticised the woman’s actions.

Social media users also raised wider concerns regarding the behaviour of Delhi Metro commuters.

There were calls for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Delhi Police to take action against the woman.

Expressing their frustration over her apparent entitlement, one said:

“The point is that men have always allowed women to sit in their seats in public transportation out of respect or care or because of women’s biological conditions.

“But now they want men to provide them convenience at the cost of everything.”

Another highlighted what would happen if it was a man sitting on a woman’s lap:

“Switch genders and all hell will break loose!”

Others voiced concerns about changing societal norms, with one person lamenting:

“Height of indecency. Unbelievable how low women are stooping to these days.”

One person pointed out that the Delhi Metro has women’s only carriages.

“There is a fully reserved train coach for women in every train.

“There are reserved seats in every train coach for women, still they ask men to vacate seats for them.”

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