Schoolboy drowned after he ‘Panicked’ when Water became Deeper

An inquest heard that a schoolboy who drowned when he was playing in a river with friends “panicked” when the water became deeper.

Schoolboy drowned after he 'Panicked' when Water became Deeper f

"He started splashing and panicking in the water."

An inquest heard that a schoolboy who drowned when he was playing in a river with friends was not a confident swimmer and “panicked” when the water became deeper.

In June 2022, Aryan Ghoniya was found dead by emergency services in the River Taff, Cardiff after he went missing when playing with friends.

At Pontypridd Coroner’s Court, Assistant Coroner David Regan said the schoolboy was not a confident swimmer.

One of Aryan’s friends described how they had started in the shallow part of the river but “Aryan got a bit nervous and started to panic” because of the drops on the riverbed and its depth.

The statement continued: “He started splashing and panicking in the water. I tried to help but couldn’t and had to swim back.”

Janine Jones, who was walking her dog, saw two boys in the water including Aryan.

The 13-year-old was still in his clothes and looking “cautious” in the water.

She said another boy was encouraging him to go deeper into the river but added the children would often play in the river on hot days and she was not overly concerned.

Emergency services were called to the river after receiving reports of children in the water and a missing boy near Forest Farm Road in Whitchurch.

Following an extensive search by police, fire service, ambulance, coastguard and police helicopter, Aryan’s body was found.

Assistant coroner David Regan said:

“While there was no significant current on this day, rivers can still present dangers from unseen debris on the riverbed.”

He added that the cold temperature, lack of water visibility and having no adults present were dangers for children swimming in rivers.

After saying Aryan was not a confident swimmer, Mr Regan concluded that it was a case of accidental death.

The schoolboy had a TikTok following after posting a video naming 109 countries which gained more than a million hits.

Another video showed him completing a Rubik’s cube in 38 seconds.

His parents, Jitendra and Hina, warned other families of the dangers and want other parents to explain the dangers of wild swimming to their children.

They said: “We strongly urge all parents to explain to their children the danger of playing in rivers.

“We do not wish any parents to go through the tragedy we are going through.”

His parents were “devastated by the tragic loss” of their “beloved son”.

They added: “Aryan was our ‘Little Professor’, brilliant at Maths, an all-rounder academically.

“He was a very charming and caring boy with warm personality and was loved by all who knew him.

“There will never be a day when we will not miss him, and he will remain in our hearts forever.”

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