Indian Man forced Wife to Frame Men for Rape

An Indian man from Gurugram forced his 22-year-old wife to file false police cases against men in order to frame them for rape.

Indian Man forced Wife to Frame Men for Rape f

"he started torturing me mentally and physically."

A 44-year-old Indian man identified as Hzar Khan, from Gurugram, was arrested on July 3, 2019, for allegedly forcing his wife to file false rape cases against men in order to extort money.

Among the men included a Gurugram court judge.

The matter came to light when the 22-year-old woman registered a molestation complaint against a district and sessions judge.

She claimed that the judge sexually assaulted her while he was recording her statement in a gang rape case filed on June 29, 2019.

However, she admitted that her husband had forced her to file a false case against the judge.

The woman explained that she met Khan in 2016 while she was working at a hospital in Nuh, Haryana. Khan told her that he was a doctor.

The woman stated that the trouble started when her husband forced her to change religion. She also alleged that he had forced her into having sex with him.

She revealed that her husband had threatened her to file false cases to blackmail people in the past. She said:

“Hzar forced me to change my religion and marry him in 2017, a year after I started working at his Unani clinic. And soon after our marriage, he started torturing me mentally and physically.

“Not only did he used to beat me regularly but also subjected me to unnatural sex.”

The woman revealed that her husband began using her to extort money from people in 2018 after he spent four months in prison in an attempt to murder case.

To earn money quickly, he forced his wife to file false rape cases.

The couple filed cases a few days after the alleged incident to ensure that police are unable to find any evidence.

On May 1, 2019, the woman filed a case of gang rape against eight men and later demanded money to settle the case.

She filed another gang rape case against four men on June 29. She was taken to the judge to record her statement.

The woman explained:

“After recording my statement, I was going back my husband in a car when he asked me why it took so long to record the statement.

“He accused me of sleeping with the judge.”

“On July 1, he took me to Chandigarh to consult a lawyer to frame the judge. When I objected, he threatened to kill my daughter.”

Police Commissioner Muhammad Akil stated that Khan had a history of extorting people and wanted money to restart his work.

He suspected his wife of having an affair and used to abuse her.

The woman told police that the Indian man forced her to abort their second child suspecting her character.

Commissioner Akil said: “She has recorded a statement stating that no one except her husband has ever raped her and the men were falsely implicated.”

The police registered a case against Khan for extortion, unnatural sex, fabrication of evidence and criminal intimidation under the Indian Penal Code.

Hzar Khan was arrested and remanded in custody.

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