Indian Man arrested for helping Friend to Rape his Wife

Police arrest an Indian man for helping a friend to rape his wife. A recent drug and porn addict, his wife claimed he forced her to have “unnatural sex”.

Indian Man arrested for helping Friend to Rape his Wife

"The victim fell asleep and Salim allowed his friend Chand to rape her."

An Indian drug and porn addict has been arrested for helping a friend rape his wife and force her to engage in “unnatural sex”.

Police arrested Mohammed Saleemuddin and his mother on 13th March 2017 after his wife told the police about the allegations.

The man, who let his friend rape his wife, also supposedly became a recent drug user and porn addict. After marrying, Saleemuddin left India to travel Australia. While abroad, his wife claims he picked up the drug habit there.

He returned to India on 13th February 2017. Upon his return, he would often take pills and behave in an erratic manner.

She said: “He used to take hard drugs and behave weirdly. He would walk around naked and force himself upon me.”

She also claimed that he would force her to engage in anal sex with him.

Saleemuddin’s wife turned to his mother for support. However, she proved unhelpful. The wife claims: “I told her that many men were turning up at the house seeking sex. But she told me to obey my husband as there were ‘financial benefits’.”

However, Saleemuddin soon decided to help a friend rape his wife. He brought one of his friends, identified as Chand Pasha, to their home. Saleemuddin gave his wife sleeping pills and, as she became unconscious, began to get intimate with her.

But she soon realised that another was also in the room. The deputy commissioner said: “The victim fell asleep and Salim allowed his friend Chand to rape her. The victim realised what happened the next morning and complained to us.”

His wife wrote a four-page complaint form about Saleemuddin. Using this as evidence, the police made the arrests. She also revealed his reasoning behind the horrifying ordeal:

“He told me that a woman maintaining multiple sexual partners was common in the West. He once urged me to have sex with a friend while he was present in the same room.”

The deputy commissioner also added: “Saleem once even urged the victim to have sex with a ‘holy man’ claiming they would have ‘great kids’.”

While Saleemuddin and his mother have been arrested by police, Chand Pasha is said to remain at large.

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