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  • Indian-Origin Man Arrested Nine Years After Torturing His Wife

    An Indian-origin man has been arrested for torturing his wife, nine years after claims were filed to police. He tortured her to supposedly get more dowry.

    Indian-Origin Man Arrested Nine Years After Torturing His Wife

    While he first began torturing his wife, he even sent her back to India.

    Police arrested an Indian-origin man for torturing his wife, nine years after the incident happened. The arrest was made on 28th March 2017 as he recently returned to India after spending time in the US.

    On 29th March 2017, a court sent him to judicial remand until 10th April.

    Officers identify the man as Jatinder Vashisht. Claims of Vashisht torturing his wife appeared as he demanded more dowry from her and her family.

    The Indian-origin man, a US citizen, married his wife, who came from a village near Rupnagar. They married on 11th December 2003 and travelled together to the US to live there. On 16th November 2005, they welcomed a baby boy into their family.

    However, reports say that after the birth of the boy, Vashisht began demanding more dowry. While he first began torturing his wife, at one point, he even sent her back to India. Vashisht sent her back because she had supposedly given less dowry than expected when they married.

    Therefore, the wife’s father filed a complaint against his behaviour at a police station in Sadar. Not only did he file the complaint against Vashisht, he also complained about the man’s father and mother.

    The case, filed on 5th April 2008, went under criminal breach of trust, common intention and husband (or relative of husband) of a woman subjecting her to cruelty.

    The Indian-origin man, who lived in India at the time, applied for anticipatory bail. A judge allowed him to have interim bail, but only on the grounds that he would hand in his passport to the police.

    While Vashisht did this on 5th April 2008, police personnel supposedly returned it to him. Therefore, he quickly left the country.

    He travelled back to the US and avoided arrest for nine years. Upon his return years later, police arrested him after a tip-off.

    During the time Vashisht left, the court had deemed him as a proclaimed offender.

    Now with a further trial on 10th April 2017, Vashisht’s wife and family hope they will finally get justice after nine years.

    Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Tyrion. Her motto: "Nothing is impossible," by Audrey Hepburn.

    Image courtesy of India Live Today.


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