Pakistani In-Laws shoot Man for Marrying their Daughter

A man was allegedly shot by his Pakistani in-laws for getting married to their daughter. The shooting happened in Rawalpindi.

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When they arrived in Swat, he forced her to file for divorce.

Ahmed Jan’s Pakistani in-laws are allegedly responsible for shooting him dead in what is believed to be a case of honour killing.

They allegedly shot him after he married their daughter without their permission. The incident happened in the city of Rawalpindi.

Aijaz Ahmed explained to officers at Naseerabad Police Station that his elder brother Ahmed had got married to a woman named Momina.

It was his second marriage and they got married in 2014. Despite her parents being against their relationship, they still got married.

Ten months prior to the shooting, Momina’s eldest brother returned from Saudi Arabia and took her to Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

When they arrived in Swat, he forced her to file for divorce. This led to both families getting involved in heated discussions.

Mr Ahmed stated that he and two of his brothers including the victim were walking to Jan’s home on July 2, 2019, when the incident happened.

They had been out to buy food when they were suddenly intercepted by two motorcyclists who had covered their faces.

They opened fire at Mr Jan, seriously injuring him.

He was taken to a hospital in critical condition where he later succumbed to his injuries.

While the suspects were not identified, Aijaz accused the victim’s brother-in-law Syed Karam and father-in-law Behram Khan, of being behind the murder.

Police officers registered a case against the Pakistani in-laws and they are working to arrest them in connection with the shooting.

Officers believed that the shooting is a case of honour killing. The country has the highest number of documented and estimated honour killings per capita of any country in the world.

Approximately one-fifth of the world’s honour killings are performed in Pakistan.

Human rights campaigners say that more than 1,500 killings occurred between 2016 and 2018. The figure was confirmed by Asad Butt, vice-chair of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Every week in Pakistan brings news of wives strangled, daughters shot or sisters drowned for a supposed slight to family “honour.”

Sometimes one person is responsible but usually, a group of male family members is involved. The majority of the killers go unpunished.

While it is usually women who are victims of honour killings, there have been instances of men being killed for “honour.”

It is likely that it has been a practice in Pakistan for thousands of years. Despite legal reforms, it remains a common practice in the country today.

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