Indian In-Laws beat Daughter-in-Law on Road with Sticks

An Indian daughter-in-law was beaten by her in-laws in public on a road outside their house with sticks just four months after marriage.

Indian In-Laws beat Daughter-in-Law on Road with Sticks f

Vinay started to beat Urvashi soon after the marriage

Just after four months of marriage, an Indian woman who got married in the Makhdoom Pura area of Jalandhar in Punjab was shockingly beaten by her in-laws out on a public road with sticks.

Her in-laws used a baton and sticks on the woman, named Urvashi, starting from inside their house and onto the middle of the road outside on Monday, September 9, 2019.

While the beating was going on Urvashi’s parents turned up and tried to stop the in-laws from the attack on their daughter but they too got beaten.

Locals gradually gathered to see what was happening amongst the commotion of the attack.

They intervened and stopped the attack on Urvashi and her parents on the road. Someone from the public contacted the police who subsequently arrived on the scene.

Urvashi’s father, Surinder Kumar, a resident of Himachal, said that four months back his daughter married a young man Vinay residing at this residence in Makhdoom Pura.

Kumar said this was Vinay’s second marriage after he divorced from his first wife and that he worked at the passport office.

Vinay started to beat Urvashi soon after the marriage said Kumar, at least four times in four months.

Each time the domestic violence took place, their daughter contacted them and they then came to see Vinay and his parents. However, their concerns were completely dismissed and they were told to leave by Urvashi’s in-laws.

Even on the Monday before the horrific beating on the road, when Urvashi called her parents saying they were going to throw her out of the marital home, the call was stopped and she was told not to talk to her parents.

Kumar and his wife Shalu both immediately reacted to their daughter’s call and arrived in Makhdoom Pura. To their horror, they found their daughter being beaten on the road and when they tried to save her, the in-laws turned on them too with the sticks.

On the other side, Vinay’s father, Deepak said that his daughter-in-law’s parents were meddling too much in their household and came whenever they wanted, trying to enforce their protection on their daughter and instead, attacked them.

Deepak said that they have recordings in which Urvashi’s parents are are attacking them in their own home.

Police took both sides to the police station.

Kamaljit Singh, the officer in charge of the case at the police station, said that the matter is currently being investigated and that any action will be taken only after their inquiries and a better understanding of the situation.

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