Daughter-in-Law murdered Both In-Laws over Money

A horrific incident occurred in Chhattisgarh where a daughter-in-law brutally murdered both her in-laws in a row over money.

Daughter-in-Law murdered Both In-Laws over Money f

A dispute soon broke out between the two over money.

Police have arrested a daughter-in-law after she murdered both her in-laws. The incident took place in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

The accused killed her husband’s parents in a row over money.

After Premlata killed her mother-in-law, she tried to evade police suspicion by claiming that she was ill. She later bludgeoned her father-in-law to death.

It was revealed that it was not the first time she attacked her in-laws. They did not report the previous incidents as they feared being publicly shamed.

Premlata was married to Ramayana, a Border Security Force officer who was posted in Punjab. He has worked in Punjab ever since he got married. Ramayana would visit during the holidays.

Meanwhile, Premlata lived with her mother-in-law Karibai and father-in-law Madhav.

Ramayana would send some of his salary to his mother-in-law to run the house. This angered Premlata as she could not understand why her husband did not send the money to her.

As a result, Premlata frequently argued with her mother-in-law over the matter.

On one occasion in August 2019, the daughter-in-law got into a heated row with her mother-in-law and ended up beating her with an iron pipe, causing serious head injuries.

Karibai was rushed to the hospital where she underwent a CT scan, however, no police report was filed.

Following the incident, Premlata continued living with her in-laws. On February 6, 2020, Ramayana returned home for a few days before leaving for Korba.

On February 10, Madhav had to go out, leaving Premlata and Karibai at home.

A dispute soon broke out between the two over money. In a fit of anger, Premlata grabbed Karibai’s head and slammed it off the ground before strangling her to death.

After killing her, Premlata covered the body in a cloth.

When Ramayana returned home later that evening, he asked about his mother. Premlata claimed that she was sleeping as she was not well.

Ramayana took his mother to the hospital when he noticed blood coming from her nose.

At the hospital, doctors declared her dead. Doctors became suspicious when they spotted bruises around Karibai’s neck.

The police were informed while a post-mortem was conducted.

A post-mortem revealed that Karibai was murdered and an investigation was launched.

News of Madhav’s death then came to light. It was discovered that he was beaten to death with a metal pole.

Premlata became a suspect when locals told police that she had regular arguments with her in-laws over money, sometimes in front of everyone.

They explained that she had beaten them in the past using a pole.

After gathering the statements, officers arrested the daughter-in-law and took her to Masturi Police Station.

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