Indian In-Laws stab Husband for Marrying their Daughter

An incident occurred in Hyderabad where a man was attacked and stabbed by his Indian in-laws after he got married to their daughter.

Indian In-Laws stab Husband for Marrying their Daughter f

"We suspect that her brother planned the whole murder attempt."

Four Indian in-laws were arrested in Hyderabad on Sunday, June 9, 2019, after they allegedly stabbed a man for marrying their daughter.

The victim was identified as 21-year-old Imtiaz and he got married to Fatima, aged 19.

The in-laws allegedly attacked the man after he got married to Fatima without informing her relatives before. The reason for the attack was also due to Imtiaz “maligning” their family name.

Imtiaz, Fatima and his family were returning home on June 7, 2019, when the incident took place.

Police officers explained that the couple had got married on June 5 after the woman left her home and did not return.

Her family became worried and filed a missing person complaint with the police.

Meanwhile, the couple told the police that they had got married without permission from her parents.

Following this, Imtiaz’s in-laws were asked to go to the police station where they acted calmly in front of officers.

However, as soon as they left the police station, the Indian in-laws went to carry out the attack.

A group of men blocked a car in the middle of busy traffic. They attempted to get into the car where Imtiaz was.

The suspects were able to pull the other passengers out and started to assault Imtiaz before pulling him out of the vehicle.

Drivers and pedestrians witnessed the violent attack and some filmed it. Fatima’s brother repeatedly attacked Imtiaz with a butcher’s knife until he collapsed in the middle of the road, covered in blood.

One relative said: “The girl’s father had called us and said that he wanted to meet the couple. But they hatched a bigger plan.

“We suspect that her brother planned the whole murder attempt. We even approached the police and asked for protection.

“As soon as our car stopped at the signal near Borabanda, nine people blocked our vehicle and stabbed him with a butcher’s knife. They even cut off a finger of the girl.”

One of the other men tried numerous times to stab Imtiaz when he was on the floor, while locals pulled him back.

The suspects eventually fled the scene and bystanders rushed Imtiaz to a hospital.

He survived the attack but was in a critical condition and underwent treatment.

A police official said: “Today evening, Imtiaz was attacked by his in-laws because the woman’s father, Syed Ali, held a grudge about the couple getting married.

“The police had counselled both sides on Friday at the SR Nagar police station and the woman’s family had responded positively.

“However, after coming out, it seems like they carried out a planned attack.”

Police officers arrested Fatima’s father and three brothers. They also seized five knives.

A further investigation is underway to arrest two other suspects who are currently on the run.

See the shocking footage of the Indian in-laws attacking Imtiaz

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