Indian Father attacks Love Married Daughter, Husband & In-Laws

An Indian father from Punjab shockingly attacked his daughter and her husband who had a love marriage. He also attacked the in-laws.

Indian Father attacks Love Married Daughter, Husband & In-Laws f

Amarjeet decided to carry out an attack on the married couple.

A police case was registered against an Indian father after he attacked his daughter, her husband and the in-laws.

The incident took place in the district of Muktsar, Punjab.

It was reported that the man enlisted the help of some of his friends before they carried out the attack while the victims were asleep.

The victims were attacked with knives. When neighbours heard their screams, they went to the house and found the four people with injuries.

They were rushed to a hospital in Malot before they were transferred to a hospital in Faridkot due to the severity of their injuries.

Police were informed about the incident and they soon arrived at the scene. They then launched an investigation.

Sonu told officers that his uncle Gurpreet Singh had fallen in love with a woman named Praveen Kaur and they eventually had a court marriage in December 2019.

However, her father Amarjeet Singh was angry with the marriage. He ended up evicting his daughter from the family home and even threatened to kill her.

For several weeks, Gurpreet and Praveen stayed at her in-laws’ home.

On February 3, 2020, the couple slept in one room while Gurpreet’s parents slept in another.

Meanwhile, Amarjeet decided to carry out an attack on the married couple.

He enlisted the help of Gora Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Mama Singh and five unidentified men. At 10 pm, they travelled on bikes to the house.

They entered the house and locked Gursevak Singh and Indrajit Kaur in their bedroom. The men made their way into the other room and attacked Gurpreet and Praveen, injuring them.

Gursevak and Indrajit eventually managed to get out of the room and tried to rescue the victims, however, they were also attacked.

The perpetrators soon escaped. Meanwhile, locals heard the screams and rushed the victims to the hospital.

Sonu went on to say that an investigation was launched once the police were informed about the incident.

Another relative of the victims, Paramjeet Singh, stated that the Indian father committed the violent attack due to the couple marrying out of love.

Based on the statements of the two relatives, police have registered an attempted murder case against Amarjeet Singh, Gora Singh, Gurmeet Singh and Mama Singh as well as five unidentified men.

While the victims continue to recover, police are working to locate the whereabouts of the suspects.

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