Indian Wife and Daughter poisoned by In-Laws

In a horrific incident to come out of Maharashtra, an Indian wife and her daughter were allegedly poisoned by her in-laws.

Indian Wife and Daughter poisoned by In-Laws f

the in-laws became angry and poisoned the Indian wife

An Indian wife from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and her young daughter died after they were allegedly poisoned by her in-laws.

The victims have been identified as Aarti Kumari, aged 22, and one-and-a-half-year-old Gooddie Kumari.

The incident took place on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Her in-laws Dudheshwar Mehta, Dinesh Mehta and husband Rajesh Kumar have been accused of murdering the mother and daughter.

After police officers were informed about the incident, they arrived at the house and sent the bodies to the hospital for a post-mortem.

According to Aarti’s brother Amresh, her husband and in-laws harassed her for dowry.

They had demanded gold jewellery and Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,150). But when Aarti could not give the dowry, the in-laws became angry and poisoned the Indian wife and her daughter.

Amresh had told officers that his sister’s husband and in-laws were responsible for the double murder.

A case was soon registered against the victim’s in-laws.

Rajesh, Dudheshwar and Dinesh were subsequently arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

Amresh explained that after the mother and daughter died, Rajesh had made up a story in an attempt to cover his tracks.

He had Aarti and Gooddie admitted to hospital and called Amresh claiming that they were seriously unwell.

However, when Aarti’s uncle arrived at the hospital, he found out that the pair were already dead by the time they reached the hospital, prompting suspicions.

After doctors said that they were poisoned, the in-laws were suspected of murdering them which led to Amresh filing a complaint.

Aarti’s husband and in-laws remain in custody while police officers await the results of the post-mortem.

Even though dowry is prohibited in India, the practice of dowry deaths and murders still continue to be a massive problem in the country.

In a similar incident which took place in Uttar Pradesh, a young woman and her father were murdered by her in-laws following a dowry dispute.

Savitri Devi and her father Rakshpal Gupta had gone to her husband’s house in an attempt to resolve the ongoing dowry disagreement between the families.

They went to the house to compromise. However, things did not work out and they were allegedly attacked by Savitri’s in-laws and their family.

They were allegedly beaten with a hammer before both were strangled to death. Police said the incident occurred at around 2 am.

After a case was registered by Savitri’s brother, three of the nine suspects were arrested when police officers visited the house.

They included the victim’s mother-in-law Maina Devi, father-in-law Girish Chand and her husband’s uncle Bhagwan Das.

However, the six others, including her husband Paras Gupta, went on the run.

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