Gang forced Man to Withdraw Money from Cashpoints

A gang of three men forced a man to withdraw money from various cashpoints. The offence happened in Warwick in March 2019.

Gang forced Man to Withdraw Money from Cashpoints f

"These three brothers subjected an innocent man to a horrific ordeal."

A gang of three brothers have been jailed after they dragged a man into their car and forced him to withdraw money from cashpoints.

The incident happened in Warwick on March 25, 2019.

Warwick Crown Court heard that around 4:50 pm, a man in his 30s pulled out in front of a Vauxhall Corsa being driven by Bilal Haq, aged 19, of Warwick.

Bilal then overtook the victim before cutting back in which caused a minor collision between the two vehicles.

Bilal and his 26-year-old brother Islam Haq, of Leamington, then got out of the car and began attacking the victim’s vehicle.

Islam got into the victim’s car and threatened to harm him and his family unless he gave them cash. Leon Haq, aged 25, of Stratford, then arrived and began threatening the victim.

The three men then forced the victim into their car and drove to a cashpoint where he was forced to withdraw money.

They then went to another cashpoint in Market Place, Warwick to withdraw more money.

While this took place, Islam and Bilal stole tools from the victim’s car.

The ordeal came to an end after a police officer saw the shaken victim on Market Place and intervened. Leon was arrested at the scene.

The next day, Islam was arrested at his home.

Following a wanted appeal, Bilal handed himself in at Leamington Police Station.

When they appeared at Warwick Crown Court in May 2019, the three brothers initially pleaded not guilty to robbery and kidnapping.

But at a later hearing, they pleaded guilty to robbery. The kidnapping charge was left to lie on file.

The three brothers were all jailed.

Russell Marsh, of Warwickshire Police CID, said:

“These three brothers subjected an innocent man to a horrific ordeal.

“This started as an innocuous road incident for which the victim apologised.

“However, the Haq brothers took exception and the incident quickly escalated into threats and violence.”

“The incident has had a significant and lasting impact on the victim and his family.

“His business has also been affected after his tools were stolen. He has shown great bravery in supporting this investigation and ensuring this conviction.

“The Haq brothers are clearly dangerous people whose violent behaviour was beyond the comprehension of most people; prison is the best place for them.”

Coventry Telegraph reported that Leon Haq and Islam Haq each received a prison sentence of four years and two months. Bilal Haq was jailed for two years and 11 months.

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