The Angels of Fashion descend upon London

Media partner, DESIblitz is proud to present The Angels of Fashion at London Fashion Week on September 14, 2013. Showcasing a diverse range of talented designers from all corners of the world.

"Fashion is for everyone, from anywhere in the world."

It only feels like yesterday that London Fashion Week took place. Preparations for the next Fashion Week in London are in full swing for September 2013.

Lady K of Lady K Media has created ‘The Angels of Fashion’ annual event starting September 2013 to support ‘The Princes Trust’.

Following the continual success of London Fashion Week year after year, interest and intrigue in the growing community of global fashion and design has shot through the roof. With so many new and young designers all over the world, fashion has never been so universally accessible, nor so innovative.

This is where The Angels of Fashion comes in. DESIblitz are proud to announce themselves as a media partner for The Angels of Fashion event, raising funds for the Prince’s Trust, the show’s chosen charity.

yenThe long established Prince’s Trust supports young people from the age of 13 to 30. It seeks to assist those who are unemployed, struggling and at risk of exclusion, young people leaving or in care, and young offenders or ex-offenders.

The Trust offers these young people the opportunity to both better themselves and their lifestyles by learning new skills.

The Trust’s mantra ties in very closely with the ambition of The Angels of Fashion event, which is to offer a significant platform to young and upcoming designers in all corners of the globe. With London as a fashion hub, there is no better place for their talents to shine.

Taking place on September 14, 2013, The Angels of Fashion event promises a day of beautiful and iconic catwalk collections from a range of international designers.

It truly brings global fashion and design to one place for all to see, opening the door for innovative fashion both ways. They will be exhibiting collections never seen before ‘Iconic Fashion’, catering for all tastes and styles.

aleah leighThe Angels of Fashion adamantly believe that fashion is for everyone, and that is why you can expect to see a diverse range of collections. From young London based designers, only just establishing themselves in the industry, to renowned designers like YEN from Dubai.

The afternoon show on Saturday 14th will see a grand opening by London based designer Aleah Leigh ft. Angel Creations. Aleah’s signature style uses recyclable materials, promoting eco fashion, junk couture and avant garde.

Her designs add an interesting edge to what you can expect from London Fashion Week. Through her off-the-cuff designs, she truly encapsulates the idea of fashion as a global community through her ability to create something chic out of nothing.

In addition to Aleah Leigh, the afternoon show sees collections from the likes of GCC and Lady Love Clothing, Beara Beara, Sicalipis, Leyla Rose, Clad NYC and BOY Penda. The show will be closed by Marimi.

The evening show will see its grand opening by Tracey Cochrane. Tracey likes to experiment with futuristic shapes and materials. Her futuristic designs are original, one-off pieces with the ability to create a dramatic impact. With striking metallic-enhanced pieces, her fashion designs are sure to leave audiences mesmerised.

The rest of the evening will see collections from the likes of M Couture, Adey Sapphire, Auraaj, Ruedi and Ashley Lloyd International.

yenThe Grand Finale is by none other than Dubai based designer YEN. Yen Designs is an exclusive luxury brand catering to a global audience. Specialising in bridal couture wear, his designs are a delicate mixture of elegant embroidery and jewels on beautifully succulent materials.

His collection will show off the very best of global fashion that you will ever come across, and it truly represents the immense raw talent that designers at The Angels of Fashion have.

Co-founder of The Angels of Fashion, Lady K says:

“I have always loved fashion, and bringing a global feel during London Fashion Week is very exciting. Fashion is for everyone, from anywhere in the world. I want the world to celebrate together and witness never seen creations.”

“This platform will help many designers as a springboard to the next level without spending thousands of pounds. Also, gives the next generation of designers hope that their collection can have the same media/press platform like the top designers around the world.”

The Angels of Fashion afternoon and evening shows will take place at the Hilton London Paddington on September 14, 2013.

Tickets for both shows can be purchased online here.

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