Wedding Fashion for Men 2013

Are you getting married soon? Want to look the part next to your beautiful bride? We take a look at some of the hottest wedding fashion for your big day.

“Sherwani signifies imperial thought with a touch of ethnicity and modernity.”

When it comes to weddings, it is usually the bride-to-be who loves to glam up. Yet increasingly, former bachelors also want to splash out and look good for their big day.

Pristine hair styling, a clean-shaven look, and of course the all-important wedding outfit. From Sherwanis to Formal suits there is a perfect outfit for every groom out there, but it can get a little bit confusing.

Wedding fashion for men has definitely come a long way. With some amazing designer brands and one-off bespoke pieces, you really are spoilt for choice.

Are you unsure about what to wear on your big day? Well, not to worry, DESIblitz are here to help shine light on all your different options, and find the best choice for you.



The most traditional style for South Asian grooms is the Sherwani. For Sherwanis, you can opt for modern cuts and styles or the classic look.

Mughal influences, the most traditional of looks, continuously remains a regular feature at the very forefront of wedding fashion trends. Boxer, Amir Khan was seen in a rich, red and gold Mughal style embroidered Sherwani for his big day.

Heavily embroidered Sherwanis enriched with jardozy embellishments and rich thread work have a brilliance that leave people staring at the groom with awe.

Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) recently showcased a black Sherwani style at Pakistan’s Pantene Bridal Couture week 2013. Black can sometimes be a sensitive choice in terms of ethnic wear, as for some cultures it is not an auspicious colour.

However, HSY’s black collection is decorated with gold paisley embroidery thread and matching gold churidar trousers, giving it a more glamorous edge. It’s fusion style almost blends perfectly the traditional Shewani and the formal suit into one.

Black is definitely a big statement colour for 2013. One fashion stylist admits: “Sherwani is a dress that signifies imperial thought with a touch of ethnicity and modernity.”

Dhoti Kurta

dhoti kurta

Traditional Dhoti Kurtas are another top trending style. Most Kurta’s consisting of embroidery on the collars, front panel, sleeves and the bottom.

We also see more exquisite styles that carry the design up the kurta. Kurtas emanate a relatively casual feel for the more Western groom trying to keep in tradition.

The cut on the Kurta is usually a rounded one giving a softer look for the groom and showing off the embroidery along the dhoti. The kurta is shorter than traditional Sherwani styles as more emphasis is placed on the dhoti’s creases and folds, giving a classic Indian look.

Karan Johar famously wore an elegant black embroidered Kurta designed by top Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2013.

Formal Suit

formal suits

At the opposite end of the clothing line is the formal suit. Usually worn by Westerners, it has significantly seeped into the Asian fashion world. Suits are seen more fitting to wear on Walima/Registry days as opposed to the actual wedding day.

Would you wear a suit? It is an option out there for the westernised groom but many British Asians feel that it is simply too common. DESIblitz asked groom-to-be Wahid what he would wear. He said:

“Wearing a suit on my wedding day would just be like another day at work. A Sherwani really shows that it is your wedding day and makes you feel like royalty which is how any groom should feel on their wedding day.”

So what would you choose? To make it feel more special for your wedding day, the suit can be personalised. Adjusting colour, cut and style all individualise suits. A common trend among grooms and groomsmen is wearing matching suits with coloured flowers or handkerchiefs in the pocket signifying their relation or rank.

Jodhpuri Suit

jodhpur suits

If you still want to keep a Western influence for your wedding, Jodhpuri suits might be the answer. Also referred to as the ‘Prince suit’, Jodhpuri’s combine Indian tradition with a Western cut. It consists of a coat with a Nehru collar, trouser and sometimes a vest.

The coat has a sort of regal feel to it and can be sometimes preferred by young grooms. It is longer than a Western suit jacket, but not as long as the Sherwani.

They are usually made from silk and are covered in intricate Indian embroidery designs and hand embellishments in different coloured threads. It is the best example of a fusion between East and Western wear.

More common for young grooms is to design their own wedding outfits according to how they want to look. Some bespoke designers offer this service for their customers.

The groom can come and give a specific design he had in mind to the designer. It’s a unique concept that is very expensive and time consuming but leads to regal results. Bespoke tailoring is the way forward to achieve an exclusive design.


Wedding Safan

No King or Prince would be complete without his jewels. Traditional groom attire consists of a Safa or turban. Especially for specific ethnicities as it is highly significant and meaningful.

2013 is a year of extravagance as the turban has been re-vamped and many have giant brooches and pins the size of a fist to keep them tied.

Another rising trend is swords, traditionally seen in Indian Punjabi weddings, the item has made an appearance in Amir Khan’s wedding photos. A very kingly touch.

We can see that 2013 holds an array of choice, style and accessories in wedding fashion for men. All the tools for a King’s wedding outfit are here and the rest is a matter of the groom’s choice. From Sherwanis to Dhotis, the men to be married this year are truly spoilt for choice.

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Yasmeen is an aspiring fashion designer. Aside from writing and fashion she enjoys travel, culture, reading and drawing. Her motto is: "Everything has beauty."

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