Nuksha Fashion a Global Trendsetter

International Fashion label, Nuksha has rapidly become a brand ambassador for Asian fashion everywhere. DESIblitz spoke to founder Saeed Awan to find out his trendsetting secrets.

"Nuksha was created to unite the Asian fashion community globally under one umbrella."

It is no surprise that the rapid growth of Asian fashion has taken the world by storm. India, Pakistan and Dubai have turned into powerhouses of South Asian style and chic. Cue international fashion label Nuksha. Its purpose? To unite Asian fashion around the world.

Nuksha represents true elegance and beauty for anyone, anywhere. The fashion label brings together a multitude of different designs from a tightknit community of global designers. Each displaying the best of their homeland, whether this is London, New York, Pakistan or India.

But what makes Nuksha stand out from other already established Asian fashion labels? Founder and CEO of Nuksha, Saeed Awan, believes he has the answer:

“I agree [Asian fashion] is readily available across the globe in different countries. However when I looked into the dynamic industry of Asian fashion, I found that certain countries were ahead of trends in comparison to others.

Nuksha 6“For instance Pakistan, India and to an extent Dubai, were ahead of, say the UK and US, which seemed to be 5 years behind the leaders in the industry. Nuksha was created as a solution; to unite the Asian fashion community globally under one umbrella; so no continent is left to wonder.”

The 24-year-old legal professional created Nuksha to be an ‘international fashion hub’. For Awan, Nuksha signifies the missing link of the current Asian fashion industry; the glue to hold Asian fashion together into one unified global community:

“The reason the Western fashion industry is a success and if you like a powerhouse, is because of the unity of the industry. Of course, the Asian fashion industry has the potential, however we need to create cohesion and unity within this industry on a global scale to compete.”

This group of global designers all have one thing in common: Asian attire. They are young and fresh, and full of innovative and creative ideas; the key to a trendsetting powerhouse that Nuksha strives to be:

“Our designers are the pride of the company, and we are proud to say that each one of our designers has been head hunted and has gone through our rigorous recruitment processes. The designers within Nuksha are high profile graduates from the top fashion institutes.

nushka“These designers are most definitely trendsetters, they leave me confused! They are constantly attending fashion shows and events around the world to ensure they are known as the trend.”

Esha Chauhan is one such trendsetting Nuksha designer based in India. Having graduated from both the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, and the Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale in Paris, she truly understands the breadth of Eastern and Western trends and is able to harmoniously fuse them together:

“I really admire Payal Singhal as a fellow designer at the moment, although not known as a western designer, if you look at the collections there is a good blend of eastern and western trends. The cuts and shapes are westernised, whereas the materials and prints used by Payal are vibrant and more eastern influenced,” Esha says.

One of her favourite outfits from Singhal’s Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 collection was a brightly coloured salwar kameez:

“The outfit had a white kameez with slight embroidery and a blue salwar, with a beautiful vibrant green dupatta. It seemed that Payal had taken inspiration from Islamic architecture,” Esha says. So where does Esha gain most of her inspiration?

nuksha“As a designer I could literally get inspiration from anything. It could be from events, or an idea of certain themes to collaborate or I could literally just be daydreaming about how I would like my dream outfit to look!

“On a serious note; I think my inspiration comes from my surroundings, travelling to different countries and seeing what people like.

“For me, there is nothing like grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil and letting my imagination run wild! I love the idea of collaborating colours, patterns into different shapes and cuts, this is my passion; and I cannot dream of doing anything else.”

Nuksha, by providing an online digital platform for its customers is able to deliver high quality Asian attire to every corner of the world. Whether you are looking for sarees, anarkalis or semi-formal wear, you are sure to find something.

Each new design goes through a vetting process before an International Board of Director’s. Once approved, the new design appears on the site.

The great thing about Nuksha is that the collaborative effort of the designers ensures that each signature piece shows the creativity and originality of their makers. Their fashion illustrates the best in Asian art and design and aptly shows the new paths that these designers are taking to produce remarkable, trendsetting fashion.

But with such clothing hugely popular across South Asia, can the same be said for those Asians living in the UK or USA? “The UK and USA do generally wear western clothing, with eastern clothing only being used for special occasions,” says Esha.

“However, I feel that eastern clothing use in the UK and USA can increase if we have funky designs that fuse both eastern and western trends. So we trendsetters need to open our minds and explore all types of styles!”

Nuksha also offers bespoke designs for customers, who are able to collaborate with respective designers to create spectacular one-off pieces.

Nuksha truly signifies a new trend for Asian fashion, one that is innovative and accessible to all. By opening up Asian fashion to the world, Nuksha is in the unique position to finally join together the fragmented Asian fashion industries that currently exist in separate nations.

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”

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