Indian Fashion Influencers changing the Face of Fashion

There are thousands of fashion influencers in India who have gained a massive following. Here, we list some of the best ones.

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-f

"She was the style diva of the college."

In the past, fashion influencers and bloggers were not very common in the fashion world.

If a person wanted to check out the latest trends and stylish clothing, they had to either look at films, magazines or fashion shows.

However, since the rise of social media, fashion influencers have taken over.

A person just has to open Instagram and they can find thousands of people either trying to become an influencer, or they already are.

We list the best fashion influencers in India who have become credible fashion icons and have taken the industry by storm.

Komal Pandey

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA1

If there is anyone among the flurry of influencers in India that makes fashion look like a piece of art, it’s Komal Pandey.

With over one million Instagram followers, she is equally adept at donning a saree and rocking a swimsuit.

Komal is known for making short and creative fashion videos. Her over-the-top outfits make heads turn.

Komal loves using a mix of bright, light shades to conjure up vivacious and sexy looks.

The music, her clothes, and her confidence in her videos speak volumes of her hard work and fashion acumen.

She is also one of the first few influencers in India who experimented with using a single piece of clothing and styling it in multiple ways.

Komal has a unique ability to mix colours, prints and patterns in ways not seen before.

She can turn a blazer into a dress, a scarf into a skirt, and a dress into a churidar suit.

What makes her more inspiring is that she motivates her followers to love themselves and stand up against social media bullies.

For the freshest take on fashion along with a boss vibe, Komal Pandey will not disappoint.

Masoom Minawala

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA2

An Indian fashion influencer taking Indian fashion all over the world? That would be Masoom Minawala.

With more than 900,000 followers, Masoom is loved by people of all ages due to her timeless, elegant fashion.

Her style has a grace and poise that is so infectious.

It is a combination of fusion, couture, ethnic and street.

Masoom has been to the most coveted fashion weeks across the globe and is flaunting Indian ethnic outfits on the streets of Europe.

Masoom is a big supporter of Desi designers and local businesses, and always promotes their designs on her platform.

She recently came out with a history video series. She describes the origin and history of the textiles and the clothes she is wearing.

Payal, her long time admirer, speaking about the influencer, said:

“Masoom’s voice is so soothing.

“Whenever she wears anything or says anything, it’s as if it’s coming from the heart.”

“You immediately feel inspired.”

The fashionista is known for her signature saree looks and intricately designed accessories.

The influencer is a big promoter of women empowerment and financial independence.

Follow her if you want to see Desi couture designs with a modern twist.

Santoshi Shetty

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA3

Santoshi Shetty is a fashion influencer who will give fashion tips and spread positive energy.

Her style can be defined as a mix of urban streetwear with a hint of nomadic and sometimes punk.

She travels a lot and puts out soothing and aesthetically pleasing fashion content.

Santoshi is never afraid to go out of the box and try new things. 

Neon crop tops, military pants, oversized jackets and dramatic eye makeup make up a typical Santoshi Shetty look.

She is also heavily into fitness, dance, yoga and never turns away from incorporating them into her fashion content.

Ananya, a follower of Santoshi’s follower, expressed:

“Santoshi is gangster. I am always eagerly waiting to see what she’s going to wear next.”

Santoshi is like a chameleon, as she has many looks.

To see a fashion influencer with stunning pictures and powerful looks, Santoshi’s page has it all.


Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA4

Imagine a Pinterest picture with a 1960s vibe, a rose, a typewriter and a Kishore Kumar song playing in the background.

This would be an appropriate description of Ohana’s fashion platform, which goes by the name ‘Box and Pleats’ on Instagram.

Her style exudes beautiful and feminine yesteryear actresses who had a certain subtlety about them.

Ohana is an expert in colour blocking and using Indo-western influences in her styling.

She is the epitome of class and old-world charm. She has a humble following of over 60,000, but it is steadily and organically growing every day.

Ohana stays true to clean, structured and often layered styled looks when it comes to western clothing.

For Indian ethnic wear, Ohana uses accessories and flowers to adorn the beautiful prints and designs.

She even writes poetry that complements the overall nostalgia, and beauty of her fashion looks.

Her ability to create unique colour combinations makes her stand out among hugely popular fashion influencers.

For an old school yet modern style, Ohana’s Instagram is the page to visit.

Sejal Kumar

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA5

Sejal Kumar is an influencer known for the simplicity and relatability of her style.

Moreover, she is a style inspiration for every university going girl who likes to look stylish, yet comfortable while going to class.

Sejal also likes to sing and has acted in a web series.

Additionally, her profile page creates a relaxing, serene atmosphere.

If there were a definition of her style, it would be minimal and effortlessly chic.

She likes to keep it simple and not too experimental. A basic pair of jeans, a skirt, a top or a dress are her ideal choices.

The brands she wears are also very budget-friendly and easily accessible.

All these factors give Sejal’s style a very girl next door vibe.

Riddhi Gala, who studied with Sejal, said:

“Sejal was always well dressed. Everyone knew her. She was the style diva of the college.

“Now she has more than 800k followers!”

Check out Sejal Kumar’s page for tips on what to wear for college or a shopping spree.

Aakriti Rana

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA6

Aakriti Rana was one of the few Indian fashion influencers who quickly burst on the social media scene.

She currently has a massive following of over 700,000 and is a very well known personality in India’s fashion circles.

Aakriti is known for the bubbly, peppy and colourful vibe she gives out through her clothes.

Moreover, when looking at her profile, she uses a lot of pinks, whites and yellows.

The use of bright clothes gives her Instagram a very uplifting and happy aura.

Also, Aakriti is also a master transformer and photo editor.

Her clothes increase ten times in appeal because of her editing skills.

She adds dreamy and fairy-like elements to the original pictures, which makes her page look like Pinterest.

Alongside, she even gives her followers tutorials on how to edit pictures like herself.

Her style is as feminine as it can get, and she can look like a princess or a barbie doll.

But she can also sport some urban street looks and Indian traditional attires on her Instagram, that are equally charming and vivacious.

For a colourful style, Aakriti is the best influencer to seek fashion inspiration.

Roshni Bhatia

Best Fashion Influencers in India Changing the Face of Fashion-IA7

Equal parts runway chic, equal parts haute couture and equal parts Desi. That is Roshni Bhatia, aka ‘The Chique Factor’.

Roshni has become one of the most well-known fashion influencers in India, gaining over 500k followers in a short amount of time.

Her accessories like jewellery and bags are to die for, and her style is most definitely classy.

Roshni’s styling is crisp, classy and will surely make people look twice.

She even appears in some videos with her son, where they coordinate their outfits. Her son has become quite popular among her followers.

One of her fans, Yogita, commented on her feed:

“Roshni, you are gorgeous. I love your classy and vibrant looks.

“Also the jewellery. Just accentuates every look.”

Furthermore, Roshni’s gorgeous outfits are designed for every occasion, from a stylish socialite high tea to an engagement party.

Ultimately, her page is a one-stop solution for everyone’s fashion needs.

Check out her looks and outfits to make an impression for any occasion.

These influencers have carved a niche for themselves and are constantly evolving.

Moreover, they are more than just influencers. They are artists.

These fashion influencers have a talent for elevating a simple piece of clothing.

Additionally, their creative, sassy Instagram posts show their fun personalities.

They have become household names, and every fashion-conscious person should know of them.

Fashion fanatics must check out the Instagram platforms of these revolutionary fashion influencers.

Gazal is an English Literature and Media and Communications graduate. She loves football, fashion, travelling, films and photography. She believes in confidence and kindness and lives by the motto: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

Image courtesy of Instagram

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