Indian Woman kills Husband and Buries Him under Kitchen

An Indian woman from Madhya Pradesh has been accused of murdering her husband. She later buried his body under the kitchen.

Indian Woman kills Husband and Buries Him under Kitchen f

"Finally, we zeroed on the kitchen slab as the source."

A 32-year-old Indian woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband. She managed to get away with his murder for over a month after burying his body under the kitchen.

According to police, she and an accomplice hid the victim’s body under the kitchen slab before she went back to her daily routine.

On October 22, 2019, Mahesh Banawal, aged 35, was reported missing from his house in Karondi village, Madhya Pradesh.

His wife Pramila had filed a missing person’s complaint with the police.

However, the murder came to light on November 21, 2019, when Mahesh’s elder brother, Arjun Banawal, approached the police.

He explained to officers that after the disappearance of his brother, he and other family members tried to visit the house, but they would be turned away by Pramila.

Arjun told police: “We have tried to go to our brother’s house several times in the past one month but every time his wife turns us away hurling abuses at us while holding us responsible for Mahesh’s disappearance.”

Following Arjun’s statement, officers went to the village, however, as they approached the house, there was a strong smell coming from inside.

SHO Bhanu Pratap Singh said: “Once we realised that the foul smell was coming from inside the house, the entire place was searched.

“Finally, we zeroed on the kitchen slab as the source.”

Officers began digging up the kitchen only to find a decomposed body from under the place where Pramila had been cooking for over a month.

Pramila was at the house when officers discovered the body. As the body was being pulled out, Pramila began crying and claimed that she was being framed for murder.

After initially denying killing her husband, the Indian woman admitted to the murder but said she was helped.

As she was being arrested, Pramila said that her brother-in-law Gangaram Banawal assisted her.

A police officer said:

“She claimed that Mahesh had an affair with Gangaram’s wife and that both hatched a plan to kill him.”

When officers questioned Gangaram, he denied any involvement in Mahesh’s killing.

India Today reported that Pramila had four daughters with Mahesh. Officers are investigating to find out the real reason why Pramila killed her husband.

While she remains in custody, police believe that Pramila had an accomplice as they wondered how one person was able to dig a large pit under the kitchen and drag a body towards it before dumping it inside in a short space of time.

An officer said: “She must have been assisted by someone. We are trying to find that.”

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