Indian Lover shoots Indian Bride upon Her Return Home

A shocking incident occurred in which an Indian lover shot a newly married woman upon her return home. The incident happened in Haryana.

Indian Lover shot Indian Bride upon Her Return Home f

he shot her dead before killing himself.

An investigation is underway after an Indian lover shot a newly married woman dead upon her return home.

The matter took an even darker turn when the man turned the gun on himself and fired, killing himself instantly.

The incident took place in the town of Pataudi, Haryana, on Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Following the murder-suicide, the police were informed and they recovered a gun from the spot.

The initial investigation has revealed that the two deceased had been lovers, however, both families have stayed silent.

Meanwhile, officers from Pataudi Police Station identified the man as Rajesh Rajput and registered a murder case against him.

It was revealed that the new bride, Priyanka, had returned to her maternal home. Rajesh ran a dhaba (roadside restaurant) in the village of Nanuklan.

It was reported that Rajesh had called Priyanka to his business in the early morning where he shot her dead before killing himself.

The matter came to light at around 5 am when customers went inside. They discovered both bodies and confirmed that they had been shot.

The police were then called. Senior officers and forensic experts immediately arrived and started an investigation.

Priyanka had been married since June 29, 2020. She had been visiting her maternal home for the first time since getting married.

It was confirmed that Priyanka was shot in the chest and died on the spot. Rajesh then shot himself in the head. Police confirmed that it was a case of murder-suicide.

Officers could not find a suicide note but they believe that Priyanka and Rajesh had been lovers.

When the Indian lover found out that Priyanka had married another, Rajesh decided to kill her.

Despite the possibility of a love affair, when it was mentioned to both families, they maintained their silence on the matter.

The police have registered a case and the investigation is ongoing. ACP Birsingh said that all possibilities are being looked at.

In another case, a woman was set to get married when she was murdered by her supposed lover.

Sonu had gone to a beauty parlour to get ready for her wedding when a man entered. He took out a knife, slit her throat and fled.

The accused, Rama, had become friends with Sonu. He had fallen in love with her but she did not feel the same way.

When he discovered that she was going to get married, he planned to kill her.

An accomplice was arrested who gave up Rama. He was later taken into custody.

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