Indian Wife & Daughter arrested for Husband’s Murder

In a shocking incident, an Indian wife from Delhi and her 16-year-old daughter have been arrested for the murder of her husband.

Indian Wife & Daughter arrested for Husband's Murder f

"The two, along with two others, allegedly decided to kill him."

Police have arrested an Indian wife and her daughter for allegedly murdering her husband. Two others were also arrested for their alleged role.

The incident took place in the Maidan Garhi area of South Delhi.

The matter came to light when a body was found in an open drain covered with leaves and twigs on July 2, 2020.

Police found a tattoo on the victim which read ‘ST’. They were initially confused but it eventually led them to the man’s wife, daughter and two more accomplices.

DCP Atul Kumar Thakur said: “A kilometre away, we found an Eeco car and checked its registration number and details online, and discovered it belonged to a man whose initials were S and T, just like the tattoo.

“It was ascertained that the vehicle belonged to the man whose body had been found in the drain.”

Police recovered the car as well as a scarf, purse and mobile phone.

The victim was identified as Mahendra. It was reported that he was suspicious of his wife’s closeness with another man.

As a result, they would get into arguments and he would even beat her and their 16-year-old daughter.

This led to the woman conspiring to murder her husband along with her daughter, her male friend and her daughter’s school friend.

According to the victim’s brother, Mahendra was a taxi driver.

He would often get into arguments with the Indian wife over her close friendship with another man. He became concerned when he had not seen his brother for several days.

DCP Thakur said: “The man used to visit the couple’s home, and this enraged the victim, who started beating his wife and daughter frequently.

“The two, along with two others, allegedly decided to kill him.”

Police discovered that the male friend was named Dalchand. He was arrested and questioned where he told officers that he, the victim’s wife and daughter, and another had killed him.

Following the admission, the three others were also arrested.

According to Dalchand, the murder had been planned a few months prior. On June 30, Mahendra returned home drunk.

At that point, Dalchand, the wife, daughter and school friend grabbed him and strangled him to death.

They dumped the body in Mahendra’s car before leaving it in an open drain.

DCP Thakur explained:

“On June 30, the victim came home drunk, and the accused caught hold of him and strangled him.”

Another officer said that “when the victim tried to resist, his daughter allegedly threw salt in his eyes. He was strangulated after which one of the accused took the body in the vehicle till a drain and dumped it”.

Dalchand said he had known the woman for around nine months and would visit her at her home. When Mahendra found out, he argued with his wife and beat her.

When the Indian wife told Dalchand about the beatings, he became enraged. He and the wife then planned to murder Mahendra.

Following the four arrests, the body was sent for a post-mortem before being handed over to the family. The murder investigation continues.

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