Indian Wife & Lover hire Contract Killers to Murder Husband

Police have said that an Indian wife and her lover from Andhra Pradesh hired two contract killers to murder her husband.

Indian Wife & Lover hire Contract Killers to Murder Husband f

she and her lover hired contract killers to murder her husband

An Indian wife was arrested on November 28, 2020, after she and her lover hired contract killers to murder her husband.

The lover and two contract killers have also been arrested.

The incident took place in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

It was reported that the woman wanted to have her husband killed as she believed he was an obstacle in her extramarital affair.

The victim was identified as Bhashyam Brahmayya, a resident of Pedakurapadu. He ran a hotel and grocery shop in the town.

On November 4, 2020, two strangers approached him in his shop and threw a poisonous substance in his face before fleeing.

The 42-year-old ran out and managed to reach the house of a nearby relative.

Bhashyam was transported to a hospital, however, he died on the way as a result of the chemicals causing fatal burns.

The police were informed and an investigation was launched.

Officers from Pedakurapada Police Station collected a list of phone calls made from Bhashyam’s friends and relatives.

They discovered that his wife received a call from Ashok Reddy, a man living in the town.

After more evidence was collected, the wife was called in for questioning. Police found out that the woman, Saikumari, had been having an affair with Reddy.

She confessed that she and her lover hired contract killers to murder her husband so that she could live with Reddy.

On November 28, 2020, Guntur Rural SP Vishal Gunny explained that the Indian wife paid Rs. 10 Lakh (£10,000) in advance to two men, identified as Pawan Kumar and Sheikh Sharif.

The two killers produced a diluted solution made from cyanide in order to kill the husband.

Police explained that they laced a biscuit with the diluted solution and fed it to a dog as a trial. Within a matter of minutes, the dog died.

On the day of the incident, the contract killers walked into Bhashyam’s shop and approached him before throwing the noxious substance in his face.

Following the confession, all four were arrested and remanded in custody.

In another case, a man was arrested for hiring someone to kill his wife and son.

Rohit Tiwari was suspected to have been involved after Shriyam’s body was found, however, they found that he was on duty at Jaipur Airport at the time of his wife’s murder.

CCTV footage captured the killer walking out of the apartment.

An investigation revealed that Tiwari wanted to marry another woman, however, he believed his son prevented that from happening.

He told police that he paid Uttar Pradesh resident Sourabh Choudhary to kill his wife and son.

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