Indian Wife plotted Husband’s Murder with Lover’s Help

An Indian wife and her gym trainer lover have been arrested for the murder of her husband, who was killed in 2021.

Indian Wife plotted Husband's Murder with Lover's Help f

The lovers then plotted to murder Vinod so they could be together.

An Indian wife and her lover have been arrested following a three-year murder investigation in Haryana’s Panipat.

Nidhi Barada and Sumit hired a contract killer to shoot dead Vinod, following a failed attempt to kill him.

In October 2021, Vinod was hit by a vehicle.

He survived the accident but both legs were fractured.

But in December of that year, Vinod was shot dead at his home.

The victim’s uncle filed a police complaint and explained that after Vinod’s accident in October, a case was registered against the driver, Dev Sonar, and he was arrested.

It was reported that 15 days after the initial accident, Sonar approached Vinod for a settlement, which he refused. Dev Sonar then threatened him.

On December 15, Sonar entered Vinod’s home with a pistol, locked the door from the inside and shot Vinod twice.

Vinod was taken to hospital where he was declared dead.

Sonar was imprisoned in Panipat jail and the case was under trial.

The victim’s brother, who lives in Australia, recently sent a message to the police expressing his suspicion that others may have been involved.

A police official took the matter seriously and assigned a team to re-investigate.

The team re-examined the case file and received permission from the court to reopen the investigation.

It was discovered that Sonar was in contact with a man named Sumit, who frequently spoke with Nidhi.

On June 7, 2024, the police arrested Sumit and during questioning, he confessed to plotting Vinod’s accident and later getting him shot.

Sumit explained that in 2021, he met Nidhi at the gym where he worked and they soon embarked on an illicit relationship.

When Vinod discovered their relationship, he confronted them, leading to arguments with Nidhi.

The lovers then plotted to murder Vinod so they could be together.

Sumit paid Sonar Rs. 10 Lakh (£9,400) and covered further expenses for him to carry out the murder and make it look like an accident.

Sonar was provided with a Punjab-registered pickup truck, which he struck Vinod with.

When Vinod survived, they devised a plan to shoot him.

Sonar was bailed out from jail, equipped with a gun and sent to Vinod’s house under the pretence of seeking forgiveness.

After Vinod’s death, Nidhi and Sumit spent more time together, going on holiday and leaving Nidhi’s children with her father-in-law.

The Indian wife even facilitated travel for her children and father-in-law to go to Australia, leading to suspicion.

It was revealed that Sumit was financing Sonar’s case.

After being presented in court, the lovers were subsequently sent to judicial custody.

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